Making magic happen in your life


Laundry, shopping, work, other people’s needs, everyday stuff-and-nonsense, how easy is it to forget what you really want to do? Thing is…


…no-one can make it happen if you don’t

This weekend, I was privileged to be invited to the opening of a new bar in Nottingham. Sounds nice enough. But here’s why it made me cry…

Raving Fan

When I first moved to Nottingham, twenty four years ago, I moved into a house-share full of musicians. It was lively, noisy and very social. I inherited a wonderful bunch of talented friends in turbo-quick time. Each of the folks I got to know were usually in many different bands simultaneously and one that stood out for me, was a band called The Shod Collective. I followed them around like a love-sick teenager, singing along to all the words and dancing at every gig, even when every one else was being achingly cool, just tapping their feet.

Star of the show

The singer in the band, with a voice like melting chocolate, was Rachel Foster. She’s gone on to lots of other things, tour internationally in a chart topping band and lead a women’s choir called The Belters.
I was honoured a couple of years ago to have Rachel guest at a speaker skills workshop I ran, teaching the delegates how to best use the power of their voices. On stage later in the day, I got delegates to imagine a gospel choir singing their names in encouragement at the back of the room. Hearing this, Rachel spontaneously jumped up and, with the help of my co-trainer Alexia, did just that!
(See the video below, still makes me cry!)

I have a dream – what Rachel did next

Dream story short: Rachel fell in love with her keyboard guy, they had a baby girl and a dream to one day open a live jazz bar.
Ten years on, this Saturday, after (literally and metaphorically) blood, sweat and tears, they opened that bar. The room was full of adoring friends, family and fans and later in the evening, when they performed live, I thought I would burst with love and pride. The emotion, once again, ran down my cheeks!

Making magic happen

So, why this story for you today?
Because I sat over breakfast pondering the magic Rachel and Paulus have created. Not easily, not quickly, but with determination, support and a lot of love.
And it made me think, is there anything I’m waiting to achieve, something ‘on the back burner’, not yet brought to the boil?

Let’s ponder together

In this message I haven’t got a whole list of things I’m suggesting you do.
Just one:
Let’s ponder, you and I, what one thing you would really like to create or do.
If you had that one big dream and found a way to make it happen, what would it be?
I’m going to ponder that too.

Happy Happy Happy

And maybe you’ll ponder a while and find that you’re happy as you are, that there’s nothing you’d like to do that you’re not already doing. That’s a fabulous realisation in itself because you get to celebrate and give thanks for how gorgeous and satisfying your life already is.

And maybe you’ll ponder a while and find there’s some magic you’d really like to make happen. And that’s a fabulous thing too, because then you can start to talk about it, get support and make tiny steps or big leaps towards it.

Whatever happens next…

Maybe you’ll make that magic happen and bring it to fruition, or maybe you’ll just have fun along the way.
Whatever happens next, let’s not let the days, months, years slip away without giving some thought to what makes you happy. Maybe that just means acknowledging ordinary, joyful days, without letting them slip by unnoticed.

If you figure out something new you want to make happen, go make some magic and keep me posted. I’ll gladly come along to the opening of your incredible creation, or the opening of a crisp packet for that matter. Whatever floats your boat!

Big love, Big Dreams, Ordinary Days, Happy Life,
Pam x

PS Shameless plug:
If you’re interested in visiting Rachel and Paulus’ magical place, it’s called Peggy’s Skylight in George Street, Hockley, Nottingham. The people are gorgeous, the music divine and the middle eastern food is a delight! Find out more here: Peggy’s Skylight.

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