The stress you might be feeling right now, isn’t confined to your mind, let me show you how to stop the stress taking over


The News right now

I don’t usually focus on what’s going on in the news but right now, the C Virus is on everyone’s mind.
I’m not going to go into the medical, social or economic affects of the situation, I want to focus on you.

What we know

A fundamental thing we know about stress is that it’s a survival mechanism that is focused on the (real or perceived) threat to our life.
So our stress reaction fires up adrenaline to help us ‘fight or flee’ and triggers cortisol which stops us using resources, in that moment of threat, that are not essential.

What’s essential?

Trouble is, the stress response triggers all of that whether it’s useful or not, whether or not there’s an immediate, life-threatening physical danger.
For instance, if you’re worried about how the current virus affects you, your loved ones, your income etc etc, it’s a real stress but the stress response, based on immediate survival,  isn’t helpful.
Especially as one of the ‘non-essentials’ that cortisol slows down, is our immune system.

It makes sense, kind of!

It makes sense of the body to have such a survival-focused system, because if there was a real and immediate physical threat, like a tiger about to eat your head, it might be useful to pump all available resources into fight or flight.
But when the ‘threat’ is not immediate and when our best defence is to have a strong immune system, you can see the problem!

You CAN do something about it

You are more in control of your body’s strength and defences than you might think. But you might be doing the exact opposite of what’s good for you right now.
When you’re stressed, you might find your go-to comfort comes from unhealthy sources. Sugar, for instance, depletes your immune system for hours after eating or drinking it.
But even if you feel unable to resist the comfort food, you can still give your body a huge boost by spending just a few minutes a day boosting your system by calming down that stress response.

What happens?

It’s SO simple, but maybe not so easy when life is frantic and there’s plenty to worry about.
However, when we take even just a few minutes to breathe a little longer, a little deeper and clear the mind by focusing on something beautiful, it puts the brain into alpha brainwaves (relaxation state and highly creative) and switches off the stress hormones. The adrenaline ebbs away, your heart rate slows down, you feel calmer and the cortisol reduces so that your immune system operates again.
Basically, YOU can reset your mind and body to be stronger. Just a few minutes a day. And there’s even a video to help you, right at the end of this message.

You choose

You might already have a go-to method of switching off the busy worry-mind, or you might search youtube for a new favourite techniques, or you might pop over to the Maldives with me with the video HERE.
Whatever you choose, recognise that whenever you’re worried in your mind, the tension will affect your body, and your ability to fight infection.
Do something every day that brings you back to calm, resetting your immune system and fending off that imaginary tiger. Because you’re worth it 😉

Take good care,
Love, always,
Pam x

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