Apologies for failing


I know I’m only human, but flipping heck, if I can’t even succeed when I set the goal!

Apologies for failure

In the January flurry of New Year Resolutions, I felt it might be more effective to have an achievable, important goal that we could aim for in 8 weeks.

Specifically, Leap Day was the end date, giving a sneaky extra day to reach whatever the target was.

I set the target of getting my book (on my CARE model of wellbeing) ready for publishing. I’ve set previous deadlines and enjoyed the ‘whooshing’ sound as the deadlines went past me!

There’s strength in numbers!

In my VIP Facebook group ‘The Feel Good Club’, I invited people to state their target for the eight week challenge. (as a reader of my Monday Message you are welcome to join the club, click here!)

A whole host of goals

And plenty of people did. From completing their first assignment on a degree course to losing weight, people listed their targets. LOTS of people said they wanted to take more exercise and LOADS of people said they wanted to simply get better at self-care; eating better, staying hydrated, getting outside, resting when they needed to and remembering to do the joyful things like fun, friends and hobbies.

Well done!

And they did it!
From succeeding in middle age martial arts competitions to regular yoga, it was all good news!
One of the folks with an exercise goal even completed a half marathon!


And there was I, initially plugging away and making progress, but ultimately failing to reach my goal.


I know that my ‘failure’ is partly to do with a rather large basket-full of unexpected challenges that have occurred across the last 8 weeks. But, being honest with you, I also know it’s partly an emotional block about getting this book out there (I’m working on that!).

Noticing progress

Whatever the reasons, I’m still further on than I would have been, if I hadn’t set the goal and shared it with the Feel Good Club Facebook group.

Real life continues when you have a goal

Whatever the ‘failure’, meantime I’ve been doing my best each day to keep promises, solve problems, deliver value in my talks for my customers and stay (a little bit) sane along the way. It’s important to recognise what you ARE doing even if there’s something you’re not doing.

It’s still a good idea

Setting goals (and sharing them so that you’re accountable) is a great idea and can reap great rewards. AND, sometimes we don’t reach all the way to the end game in the time we’ve set.

Not there. YET.

All my lovely school staff will be familiar with this important word ‘yet’.
My message to you this week is that even when if we don’t cross the finishing line at the appointed hour, we’re still valuable, beautiful, hardworking and wonderful human beings.
Well I would say that, wouldn’t I, seeing as I haven’t crossed the line yet! Lol!!

It’s ok. You’re ok

We can set goals and do our very best to achieve them. But if we don’t quite make it, let’s not turn into a harsh sports coach who shouts from the edge of the pitch and ruins what motivation you had left! You don’t have to give up, even if you’ve not hit the target.


If you’ve got a goal you’ve reached since January, blooming huge well done to you!
If you’ve got one or two aims that haven’t hit the mark, check out your options and make sure you choose the one that will ultimately help you to achieve what really matters.
Which may, or may not, be your original goal.

Here are some options:

  • Rewrite your original goal with a more workable strategy
  • Reset your finish date with something achievable
  • Reconsider whether this is the right goal, right now
  • Review what’s required and seek out and accept support towards your goal

Whatever option you choose, make sure you also do two crucial things:

  • Acknowledge what you HAVE done so far
  • Know that you’re always a STAR (Someone Truly Amazing Really), doing the best you can with what you’ve got

Keep going!

I’m going to keep ‘publishing the book’ on my to-do list, set a new date and get more support.

What will you do?

Have a great week, forgiving ‘failure’ and noticing progress.

You’re doing a great job, even (and especially) when it seems all you’re doing is finding a way to make through the day.

Love, always,
Pam x

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