Shouting at my mum


Shouting at my mum   Let me quickly say, I don’t mean to do it. My intentions are good. It’s from the heart. It’s through my concern for her. etc etc etc. But still, it counts as ‘shouting at my mum’. I love her so much and I feel lucky that we’re so close. I’m […]

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Crime and Punishment – New Year Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions Crime and Punishment?   Have you set any New Year Resolutions, new goals or perhaps a bucket list? Maybe you have set some and broken them already! If you are intending to set yourself a target though, beware, not all resolutions are created equal!   Are you feeling guilty yet?   There’s […]

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Festive note to self – be careful!


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The missing peace


The Missing Peace   The Dalai Lama said “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!” There’s something really important about the little things… When life doesn’t quite fit right, when you feel there’s something missing and you’re looking for the missing piece, what if it’s not a […]

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Do you want more chocolate?


Do you want more chocolate?   Let’s talk about guilt. When do you feel it? Eating chocolate? Taking time for yourself? Chips? Crisps? Sleeping late? A glass (or two) of wine? Spending money on yourself?   So long as these things are in moderation there’s no harm and yet you’d think we were committing a crime! […]

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What would you give for a calm Christmas?


What would you give for a calm Christmas?   What’s the worst Christmas stress for you? The expense? The weight gain? The shopping? What to buy for Auntie Janet? The cooking? Hanging out with people driving you crazy? Spending too much, spending too little? Brussels sprouts?  Or all of the above? If you don’t do […]

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Are you feeling SAD?


Are you feeling SAD?   You may have heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD  but did you know the NHS estimate it affects 1 in every 15 people in the UK every year? A less severe reaction to shorter, darker days known as ‘winter blues’ affects even more people so all tolled, most of […]

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When you’re overwhelmed…


When you’re overwhelmed…   When you’re overwhelmed, it can feel like there’s no hope, no way forward and it’s easy to lose faith in your ability to move forward. You might feel lost, blocked or hopeless. And I felt it this week. Whether it’s losing people from your life, world politics or disasters, personal health, […]

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Well, this is embarrassing!


Well, this is embarrassing!   I came across 2 new pieces of research this week. The first said that trees are good for us. The second said that positive thinking is bad for us. My inital reaction? “Oh heck, my whole life and business is based on positive thinking, what do I do now?”   […]

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Are you giving 110%?


Are You Giving 110%? Well stop it! Did I really say that? Me? Workaholic, driven, fixer, type A personality, me? Well, yes and it’s about time too, if we’re going to achieve any kind of balance… Party Time! If you turned up at a party with a tray of hand made treats, how pleased the host […]

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