Why you’re better than you thought


Why you’re better than you thought


On Saturday I delivered a keynote speech to an audience of 300 people at an awards event with a Star Wars theme. Delegates came in through an air lock and were greeted by Darth Vader and Stormtroopers. Busy Bees Nurseries, you are fabulous! It was surreal and mind boggling!

The cool part was that my partner and videographer Annie was also invited along to film a time-lapse of the building up and taking down of the stage, rigging and special effects which meant we got to see how all the magic came about.


It made me think about that quote: “Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.”

In my work, one of my favourite things is to help people to see their own magnificence and for them to celebrate the hard work that got them to that point, to acknowledge how many criticisms, self-doubting moments and bad days you got the other side of. In addition to being aware of the battles other people are fighting, what about you?


When the doors opened…

So on Saturday, when the delegates were finally allowed to move from the cocktail lounge, through the air lock and into the amazing fantasy world in the main room, they were amazed, dazzled, in some cases overwhelmed. But even the most impressed would not have guessed how many dozens of people it took to set the room, how many pages of speeches, how many hours of sorting nominations, how many miles of cabling for the lights, screens, sound and special effects, how much work had been going on for 12 months prior, the creativity in the design of every tiny detail, how many hours stuffing goodie bags and how many sleepless nights contributed to the 5 hours of seamless celebration they experienced.


So, let’s do a little audit of all the work behind your own extravaganza.

The extravaganza that is…





You don’t need to revisit every struggle to acknowledge the determination, strength, tenacity, bravery, humour and other tools you have used to get to here. It’s important to recognise these things, they are what makes you who you are and they are the ingredients of your resilience. Yes, yes, I know there are times when you give up, give in, doubt yourself, retreat, sulk and tantrum. And then guess what? You get back out there and you carry on. We are all fighting a battle that most people don’t know about! You may well help others to recognise how well they’re doing – well it’s time to recognise you’re better than you thought.


You. Are. Truly. Amazing.

Let’s have a little moment to smile about your crazy, unpredictable, inconsistent, complex, delightful self.

Go on, a smile sets off feel good chemicals in the body – free, legal drugs! – and people wonder what you’re up to 😉

I wish you a happy week in which you notice, even in the tough bits – especially in the tough bits – how well you’re doing. Give yourself the kind of credit you offer to other people and acknowledge that even though you have some battles, you also have a toolkit and a pretty good success rate of making it to here. 100% success rate so far. Bloody well done!

And a special little message to Director Vikki – Get out of bed! Up and at ’em girl, go kick it! 😉

And for those of you who will be joining me to learn NLP tricks on Saturday 27th – you’ll be needing a bigger box for those tools 😉 See you there!! https://www.pamburrows.com/nlp-secrets

With much love,

Pam x


6 responses to “Why you’re better than you thought”

  1. Lisa O'Neill says:

    Pam this is just what I needed this morning Thank you for the pep talk X

  2. Anna says:

    Hey Pam, thanks for the Monday positivity, you mentioned on Saturday about your burnout book and I was really interested in giving it a read of it’s still available x

  3. Vikki Skinner says:

    Thanks for the special message Pam! I have stars on my phone and a keep posing like Wonderwoman. Thanks I will keep reading and share the good feelings.