You only have to ask


Originally posted 29-07-2019

Sometimes we don’t ask for what we want, let’s see what happens when we do?

A heart


You only have to ask

When I first moved to Nottingham, 25 years ago, I moved into a shared house full of musicians. It was not unusual to go to bed only to be woken by some late-night jamming, drumming or singing going on in the living room. Mostly I’d pop down to ask them to be quiet and end up joining in an impromptu party.

The Voice

That’s how I came to hear the voice of Rachel Foster. Her band at the time, The Shod Collective, became my favourite band ever. I went to lots of gigs and knew all the words.
Fast forward 23 years, and Rachel had been on tour with Groove Armada, in the charts as Weekend Players and gigging all over as Jazz band: Me and Mr Jones.

Grand Opening

And then, Rachel and Mr Jones (her partner, the lovely Paulus) decided to take over a rambling old club space in Nottingham’s trendy Hockley and set up a jazz club.
Fast forward to today, and after major renovations, pride of the Jazz scene ‘Peggy’s Skylight’ has been open for just over a year. Welcoming, funky, classy and with great food as well as fabulous music, Peggy’s is somewhere for Nottingham to be proud of.

Happy Birthday to me!

I turned 54 last week, and after a loved-up time with my immediate family (who insisted we have a lovely day despite our recent sadness), I was delighted to spot that Rachel herself, and Mr Jones, were going to be playing at Peggy’s Skylight that very  afternoon.
Annie and I realised just before we arrived that they’d finished playing at 3pm and it was now half past. Ah well, in we went for a drink anyway, and hopefully a chat with the stars of the place.

You only had to ask 

You know there are times when you wish for things, but it doesn’t come out of your mouth, and then there are times when it comes out of your mouth before you’ve actually decided to say it? Well, it happens to me anyway lol!
There was Rachel happy to chat and share a glass of something nice with us before they headed off. So, out of my mouth it came “Paulus, I’m really sad we missed you live, will you put you guys on over the speakers instead?” And he said yes, and soon the smooth, soothing sounds of Me and Mr Jones filled the bar. Check out the video below and see me and Annie in 1920s costume at about 2min 30secs.

It’s a piece of cake

Rachel, massively talented but delightfully humble, felt a little uncomfortable sitting around listening to herself, but I was in heaven.
I said we’d be heading off soon and picking up a little bit of cake from town before hopping back on the tram. Next thing I knew, Rachel was coming back from the kitchen with (my favourite) almond rose cake with a birthday candle on the top. She had no idea it was my favourite cake!

Permission to ask

Whether you like Jazz, good food or nice people, I recommend Peggy’s Skylight for an afternoon or evening of loveliness – having your wishes met doesn’t just happen to me there.
What are you not asking for? Why not ask? Take the risk, you’re worth it
Asking is a liberating action, and in some situations, you don’t even need to ask, someone is already offering, just say yes, and enjoy the rest.

Love. Always,
Pam x

2 responses to “You only have to ask”

  1. Matt Rearden says:

    That’s great news to read this ! I used to live next door to you guys in 1996 97 when I was studying photography at NTU
    I’d watch shod with my friends every Saturday afternoon at the Golden Fleece, it was the highlight of my week and we all knew they were special times and remember them with great fondness. Rachael and her band were always good to us and I still have the cd of them and sometimes play it in my car !
    That’s great that she’s doing well and now the jazz scene is really big now in the uk I’m sure peggys will do really really well. Will try to make it up to Nottingham and check it out.