You don’t have to do it alone


You don’t have to do it alone


This weekend I was part of a UK first – the first community mass meditation which took place on my local market square in Nottingham. We were lucky to have a visitor from Arizona, the esteemed Hay House author Sarah McLean, to lead the meditation itself and the square was full of stalls and free massages, treatments and goodies. It was truly liberating to sit on a blanket in the busiest part of town, close my eyes and be guided, first to relax and then to send out love.


Learning from others

The idea came from an experiment done quite a few years ago now, where people met regularly in a community hall in the USA, to meditate and chant. Those people obviously felt the benefits – it’s hard not to – but the amazing thing was that the community around them saw a decrease in crime. No-one was walking the streets preaching or protecting, their only action was to sit in peaceful meditation. It changed the energy of people who lived there.


We can do it too

So a group of women from Nottingham decided to try it too and a year after their initial intention, 1,000 people had applied for their free tickets and we sat with smiling strangers to change the way we felt.

I was invited to run a session in the Meditation Tent and was delighted to deliver to a full house. Despite needing to speak over the fabulous live music from main stage, we managed to release some stress and take a five minute beach holiday before the next session was due in the tent. It was a grand day with so many people feeling happier, more calm and positive.


A beautiful moment

Some had looked forward to it for months but it was great to see some folks who just wandered into the event without even really knowing what was going on. One man, with clothes and an aroma that probably would have got him thrown out of a coffee shop, joined in with a stretching routine lead by someone from main stage. He probably would never have gone to a yoga class but I’m pretty sure he got some benefit from that unexpected session in the centre of town. I know my menopausal symptoms are partly to blame, but it brought tears to my eyes.


Do you share your toys?

I don’t know if it comes from having an older brother, but I’ve always had a “No, I can do it myself!” stubbornness that can be helpful and unhelpful in equal measures!

If the woman who first had the idea to create Saturdays event had felt that way, she just wouldn’t have been able to create such a big, successful, buzzing event on her own. She collaborated with people with a similar goal and diverse skills. She welcomed the offer of the American speaker to travel at her own expense to be there on the day. The group she brought together as a committee then brought in their connections and it became a true community event.


There’s a lesson for all of us – you don’t have to do it alone.

Whether you have a grand plan or you just want someone to help you pack your bag at the supermarket, let’s remember that not only is it easier to do it together but when other people help you, they get to feel good too.

I’ve got some new plans underway. They are taking longer than usual to come to fruition because I’m collaborating, sharing and asking for help. Yes, it takes longer but I know it will make it less stressful, more enjoyable and a better result in the end. We’re better together. If you’ve got something that you’d like help with or would just be more fun to share with someone else, remember there’s someone out there who would be happier to help than to be alone themselves.

Sending you love and wishing peace for us all,

Pam x


4 responses to “You don’t have to do it alone”

  1. Jo J says:

    Hi Pam
    I am so cross that I missed the event on Saturday….we have been doing yoga with the children prior to them taking their SATs and the event would have been the perfect way to end the week! Never mind, there’s always next time.
    Have a good week

  2. Simon says:

    Wonderful to hear about this event Pam and really sorry I missed it. However, I was at the time climbing Kinder Scout which was in itself another form of meditation and communion with nature.