When you’re overwhelmed…


When you’re overwhelmed, it can feel like there’s no hope, no way forward and it’s easy to lose faith in your ability to move forward. You might feel lost, blocked or hopeless.

And I felt it this week.

Whether it’s losing people from your life, world politics or disasters, personal health, wealth or relationships, when things get tough it can be hard to stay optimistic and hard to know what to do to turn things around or to feel better.


I can’t make a difference!

It can seem that whatever we do isn’t going to make a difference, that we can’t fix the problem, we can change what’s happened. My own journey this week has been interesting. Noticing world events, getting sad news from relatives, the amount of pain expressed on my facebook newsfeed, feeling poorly, it was easy to slip into a low mood myself. And then I was reminded me of something we can learn and relearn from animals because they do it all the time. What is it?

It’s taking the next step. Breathing the next breath. Just starting from where you are, instead of seeing the task as huge or impossible, or thinking the sadness you feel right now seems unending, you take the next breath.

What’s the right thing right now?

It’s about starting from where you are with what you have and doing what needs to be done next. It’s the cure for overwhelm, it’s as close as we can get to a cure for disasters, grief, illness in fact pretty much any problem.

The question we need to ask ourselves is “What’s the right thing right now?” and doing it. It might be small, ordinary even boring but it’s a step forward. A manageable and simple step forward. And sometimes that might be a totally routine task like brushing your teeth or making some food but it’s focusing on one step forward.

Famous quote time

Ramm Dass, all round famous guru type chap said this: “We’re all just walking each other home”.

You wouldn’t believe the things I was questioning this week – the the future of humans, animals, the planet, whether I’m following the right purpose in life, whether I’m giving enough, even the purpose of life itself – yes, it’s been a deep week! – and by the end, I was able to come back to this; we’re just all walking each other home. And if on the way, we help a little, if we hold someone’s hand while they find their footing again and they hold ours when we need to find the way, then we’re doing ok. One step at a time. Taking the next breath.

Let’s not worry too much about the big questions. I figure that if we get the little things right,  focus on the right thing in each single, small moment, the big things will stack up ok too. And if by doing that we stay calm and avoid overwhelm, then we are in a better place to tackle the big things when they arrive.


Whatever you’re facing right now…

Whatever you’re facing right now, big shocking things or niggly everyday challenges, or everything in between, remember there are people walking with you, lighting the way, holding your hand. Whether in person, in spirit (or by phone, or social media!) they’re urging you, to just keep on taking the next breath. And so am I.

I’m urging you and I’m reminding myself. You don’t have to walk alone. You just keep taking the next breath and the next step. We’ll walk each other home.

With all my love,

Pam x

23 responses to “When you’re overwhelmed…”

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow this is a heartfelt and brilliant blog Pam. Came just at the right time this Monday morning 😊

  2. Mia says:

    Cor blimey, it was a rough week, and there is despair, and being reminded to just take the next step is very moving. Thanks Pam

  3. Hayley Guyatt says:


    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a rubbish week but eve when you find yourself in the darkest of places you always manage to have the courage to find a light and shine it brightly, not only for yourself but you create a path of light for all of those around you to see and follow also.

  4. Caroline Mannix says:

    These things turn up at just the right time to remind us to take a breath and be in the moment :-)….thank you xx

  5. Caroline says:

    We are all just walking each other home…… what a beautiful thought xxxxx

  6. ‘ We are all just walking each other home’…..the more I think about that sentence, the more it resonates. Thanks Pam xx

  7. Lynn says:

    Oh my, that moved me to tears Pam, just the reminder I need at this moment, very apt in my life and those I love. Thank you.

  8. Alexandra says:

    I feel so overwhelmed in all aspects of my life. Reading your words has introduced a sense of calm whilst the sentence ‘we are all just walking each other home’ is very thought provoking introducing an image of the Antony Gormley statues on Crosby Beach.
    Thank you

  9. anj says:

    Didn’t know I needed this reminder as much as I did. As ever Pam you brilliant woman ‘we all just walking each other home’ means such a lot to me xxx

  10. oksana says:

    Superb reading. Been having a bad time recently and feeling more than overwhelmed and very alone.

  11. Chris says:

    I found this really helpful this week, especially “just take another step …”.
    I sent it to a few close friends via Facebook Messenger.

    Thanks Pam

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