When the stress just keeps coming…Pause (paws)


It’s Stress Awareness week. And some folks don’t need making aware, they’re all too aware that there’s too much stress about!

How about you?

R is for Reality

Stress is all around us…

Sounds like to start of a Wet Wet Wet song but that’s all about love.
Which is my point actually, as I write you this little Monday reminder, love is what we need more of if we’re going to reduce stress.
This message comes to you during Stress Awareness Week.

Wellbeing for Leaders

I started a new Facebook group ‘Wellbeing for Leaders’ to offer support to frazzled CEO’s, Directors, Head Teachers and senior managers.
One member of the group is the delightful Dr Lynda Shaw who I’ve just finished studying neuroscience with (more on that later!). I posted the question, what are you doing at the weekend to recharge and mentioned I had some family stuff and then rest. This brought Lynda up sharp.

Shock to the system

Lynda is positive, healthy, supportive, an amazing mum and grandma, eats well and goes to the gym every day (EVERY day! Wow).
When she read my post she had a shock to the system. She read the word ‘rest’ and realised she doesn’t do it.
She has lovely times and makes sure there’s joyful activities in her week that make her feel good. But she doesn’t ever actually stop and do something restful.

R is for Reality

The R of the CARE Model is all about time and resources. It’s about what you prioritise and how much you cram into your diary. It’s about looking at how you plan (or fail to plan) and how that affects your stress levels.
Realising the reality of the time and resources you have available and consciously choosing a happy, healthy balance is what it’s all about.

What about you?

Lynda kindly allowed me to share this story with you, in fact, she suggested it. Because it’s so easy to be getting on with life, jumping into all the things that seem important in the moment and not realising why we’re so tired, stressed, overwhelmed or cranky.

Have a go

Can you take a bit of time this week to look at when to rest? Maybe just a few minutes at the start of your day. Maybe make sure you stop working while you eat lunch. Maybe just a few moments when you arrive somewhere, just sit in your car, the station or bus stop to gather your thoughts.
Big love to you in all your wonderfulness, good luck in creating days you choose rather than ones that just happen to you,

Til next week,

Pam x

PS Oh, my new studies? I have just passed the Neuroscience Professional Development Programme (approved by the British Psychological Society)
Which means I know even more about how your brain works. Well done me, and watch out you. lol.

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