When computers get thrown from windows


Technology is a wonderful thing when it works, unfortunately, it wasn’t on my side this time! Whilst trying to improve my email system so that you only see the content you love, I came to learn the hard way that you can’t always rely on tech to find an easy solution.

As trivial as these issues may be, when tech goes wrong, things can get heated and stressful.

Read on to discover one very helpful tip that will help you deal with a technology blunder (and if you are subscribed to my Monday Motivator emails, this is also a huge thank you).

The plan: improving Monday Motivation emails

I’ve been sending out a little booster email for over 10 years now – at first just once a month but they proved to be so popular they now go out once a week!

There are now 2,000 of you that are subscribed to the Monday Motivator email list. To ensure you’re all getting the content you want from me and at the right time, I sent an email to the people that haven’t opened a Monday Motivator email for a while.

When it all went wrong

The next thing I knew I was receiving a dozen responses a minute from you lovely people asking to remain on the list… Over 900 people had been targeted as not opening but that figure should have been much smaller. Over 900 people are still opening the Monday Motivation emails so I knew it couldn’t be right!

The most frustrating thing about the situation; I’m aiming to create a more personal experience for you all online and the system meant I stumbled at the first hurdle.

The most lovely thing about the situation; so many of you responded to the email with great enthusiasm to let me know that you’re still very much keen on getting your little slice of Monday motivation from me.

So, I want to thank those who responded – you put a smile on my face and saved the life of my laptop that was so close to being launched from the first floor window.

The tip: WATERR

This is a tip to bear in mind for those moments that we all have to experience when our ‘kit’ just doesn’t do what it’s flipping supposed to do – whether that’s the computer, the car, the printer, the phone or the card machine.

Instead of clenching your teeth, swearing or fantasising about the damage you want to do to this piece of kit, here’s an alternative:


Sometimes tech can be slow – wait a minute and it might just work (hopefully) but if not…

Assess the problem

Did you put it in the right way? Is the power on? All those annoying things that non-techie people will tell you to do.

Take a long breath in

Ok so it still doesn’t work? Walk away for a minute and take a long breath in

Exhale long and slow

Breathe out slowly (not looking in the direction of the troublesome technology in question)

Refresh yourself

Make yourself a drink – a cup of tea or just a glass of water. Maybe get some fresh air.

Resume the task

If object in question still refuses to work, then – and only then – should you consider throwing the damn thing out of the window. But then remember you probably know someone awesome who might just be able to fix it for you.

Yes it’s me talking about breathing again and it won’t be the last time. We all need reminding to do the little things because it’s ignoring the little things that makes the big problems happen.


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