What needs fixing?


What’s your biggest problem? See what you need to do…


There are so many calls upon your time and energy, do you ever get a chance to think about what you need, or to figure out just what’s missing?

The grass growing out of the guttering!

Time for a confession. I’ve never been very good at getting around to housework and house maintenance. It’s not that I can’t do it or won’t do it, it just rarely grabs my attention enough to seem a priority. I was embarrassed to see that there was grass growing out of the guttering on one side of the house and that tiles have slipped on the other. Embarrassed, yes, motivated to do something about it? No.
Now my lovely neighbour is having a new garage roof, has recommended their roofer and everything seems do-able. If we want life to run smoother and be well in ourselves, I believe there are two key things we need to develop skills in…

Number one – noticing
Start to notice what’s going on; what’s missing or out of balance.

Number two – acting
Do something about what we know needs attention. Which of course, with the guttering and roof tiles was my particular failing. Until now!

Over to you

My question to you is, what’s not in balance for you right now. And, of course, what do you need to do about it?

Have a go at analysing!

Below is a short video of my CARE model for wellbeing. It might just help you to spot where the problem lies and figure out the solution. It might be simpler than you thought.

Your people

If you have a team, a family or a whole organisation that you’re responsible for, the CARE model might also give you some clues as to where other people might be out of balance. If it helps you figure out the problems and the solutions to that too. If you get as far as recognising the problem or only know the symptoms and need help getting it right for your team or organisation, let’s have a chat about how I can help.

Coming soon (ish)

The book of CARE is coming along well, it feels like it’s waited so long it’s just pouring out lol!
It will be an in-depth, solution filled adventure through the CARE model, helping readers to find more contentment and wellbeing.
I’ll keep you posted on my progress and might ask you a question or two along the way to make sure I’m writing something that’s as useful as it can possibly be.

Have a CARE-full week,
Because you’re precious!

Big love,
Pam x

PS Summer tends to be a little quieter for my business, while people are off on holiday, so it might be worth checking if I have availability to come talk to your team between now and September. We could make some summer magic happen!

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