What happened next…


After last weeks happenings, there was a need to re-calibrate. What happened next surprised the pants off me!

Tricky times

Thank you so much to all the peeps who sent sweet messages about Cleo, you’re so very kind. And if you didn’t send one, fear not, I could feel the loving vibes anyway.

I thought it was going to be hard saying goodbye to a long time companion, and of course it was. But here’s the thing that surprised me. I found peace very quickly. You might want to know how.

Finding Peace in Tricky Times

The answer is, I kept tuning in to what I needed and heeded that, no matter how odd it might have seemed to me or the people around me.
I won’t go into the minutiae of what that was, but I stopped myself doing the usual ‘Oh I don’t want to be any trouble’ or ‘Ooops, I don’t want them to think I’m bonkers’ or ‘I should/shouldn’t be doing/feeling/saying this right now’.

How many times when you’re struggling with your emotional or mental state, do you curb your urge to do the one thing that would be good for you?
Like not going home early from a party because you don’t want to be rude, saying yes to something you don’t want to eat or drink, stopping the tears when you really need to let go, saying you’re fine or refusing help…the list goes on.

To find peace in tricky times, we need to start to notice what we instinctively know we need. And answering our feelings with acknowledgement and action.

One rule for everything

I’ve learnt so much in the last two weeks. I’ve noticed that when I started to answer my feelings, it made other magical things happen. Did I ever tell you that my dream of writing a book has been burning since I was about eight years old?

I noticed that some days this week, I hesitated to do the very thing I’ve wanted to do for forty-five years, for some reason feeling it to be an indulgence rather than a valid piece of work for my business, or just valid anyway!
Tuning in and noticing this has helped me to get straight to the keyboard and let the book pour out.
And, by the way, I couldn’t be more pleased that what seems to be pouring out, is a letter to you.

What?! How many!?

I worked out I’ve coached, trained or spoken at conference to, about thirty thousand people over the course of my career so far, I was shocked! And I’ve seen messages of what we all seem to need, repeated thirty thousand times. Plus one, that’s me too.
It’s almost like the book is writing itself, as a reply to each and every soul who needs a little something, it’s impatient to get into the world after having waited so long!

What do you want, really, really want?

Have you been putting off something you really need to do, or really want to do? Are you tuning in, or tuning out of what you need each day?
I needed a few nudges in the right direction so I thought you might appreciate one too.
Finally, I want to share with you that as I’m writing this, it’s Sunday evening and I’ve brought my laptop outside to sit by a fire in the garden. The birds are doing their twilight chorus. This is one of my favourite things to do. I talk about it when I’m delivering my CARE model and talking about how e reduce stress. But then I forget to actually do it! How crazy is that?!
So here I sit, walking the talk. Doing what my body, heart and soul need to do.

What do you need?

I hope you have a week of tuning in, acknowledging what needs you find, and acting upon them.
I wish you love and peace until next time,
Pam x

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