What do spoons have to do with it?


Do you repeatedly find your self out of time, energy or motivation? This message might be just the thing for a quick refresh!

Do you get worn out?

Are you constantly finding yourself exhausted and frustrated?
Let me let you in to a little secret for sorting this out. You may have already heard of it, in which case, see it as a little reminder to check if you’re still using it well.

Managing energy

It’s an idea first written in an essay by Christine Miserandino in 2003 as an idea to help people with illnesses such as ME and fibromyalgia. There are a whole host of illnesses and life situations where our energy isn’t consistent or bottomless, times when managing our energy is paramount.
If you want to read more about The Spoon Theory, check the link at the end.

Getting it wrong

There are many reasons why we mis-manage our energy, see if you recognise anything here:

  • We used to have more energy and we’re still in the habit of doing the same amount of things in the same amount of time.
  • We’re frustrated by not having enough energy and use up more than we have to try and prove we’re ok really.
  • We do too much because it’s for someone else, we don’t want to let anyone down, it has to be done now.
  • It’s something we really want to do and of all the things we might avoid or cancel, this is not one of them!


Waking up to your habits

What Christine Miserandino suggests is that we get more conscious of how we spend our energy so that we don’t end up completely depleted by the end of the day or week.
You know the thing; you keep going for everyone else and then are too tired or poorly to do the one thing you really wanted to do!?

How many spoons?

She suggested to a friend, as they chatted in a restaurant, that she start realising energy is a finite resource. That you can ‘pull out all the stops’ but that if you continue to do that, you’ll end up in energy debt the next day.
She gathered the nearest thing – spoons – from the table and laid them out. Work out how many things you do each day and how much energy – spoons – each one takes.
If you have say, 12 spoons a day, do you end the day completely spent and nothing left for enjoyment? In other words do you use them all up?

Using up your spoons

When you start to be conscious of how many spoons you start each day with and how many are used up by each activity, you’re able to work out what you need to ‘save’ for a particular thing you want or need to do.
It’s like having a mental bank book for your energy.

Your spoon rankings

How many spoons does it take to drive for an hour? For you it might be a total pleasure, hardly any spoons at all but a phone call from that particular person might use up two spoons in quick succession!  How many spoons does a meeting use up? The laundry? A shower? Going out in the evening?

Can you start to think about your spoons when you’re putting things into your diary?

Where are you at today?

So, have a little check.
How many spoons to have you right now?
What are you going to spend them on today?
Anything you can do to save a spoon or two for something really important or fun?
If you use up all your spoons, how and when will you recharge?

This week

Have fun this week, thinking about your spoons, maybe you can help someone else by talking them about their spoons too 🙂

Next week – new things!

Next week I’m going to be announcing some dates when you can catch me live on video for free, a new opportunity for me to help you with your life and a special offer for a limited number of people to help me develop a brand new ‘thing’.
Watch this space!

Lots of love,
Pam x

PS Here’s a link to the full Spoon Theory story 
PPS See the video below for a technique to help you make teatime decisions when a lack of spoons might result in an unhealthy habit.


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