We forget about this important vitamin


“If you haven’t got your health, what have you got?” There is a vitamin you might not know about and fish shouldn’t get too much of it…


An unexpected treat

My Mum loves to have lunch at Morley Hayes in Derbyshire, a world away from looking after my Dad who has Alzheimer’s and a proper break from being busy.
Two brothers own the amazing complex that includes golf courses, a hotel and a number of gorgeous restaurants and cafes. Each year they have a little tour though the bluebell woods. Mum would love this but she has some breathing challenges and can’t walk very far.

This Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day and after the usual high quality, belly busting lunch (and FABulous puddings) we pondered popping into the gin festival in the stables. We bumped into Andrew, one of the owners, who is always friendly, welcoming and utterly charming. He’d just got back from the bluebell walk and insisted we have a taste of it via a golf cart!

A wonderland drive

What a lovely unexpected joy in our day!
We rode around the huge estate, seeing Andrew’s cows, beautiful flowers, their magical outdoor wedding grotto, the golf course and a nesting swan. They’re big on conservation and everything was beautiful.


It got me thinking, are we getting enough Vitamin O2.?
Yes, sorry, I’m not really talking about something recognised as a ‘vitamin’ by science. BUT, you sure as heck can trace a lot of physical, mental and emotional ill health back to a lack of fresh air. Seeing fresh air as a vitamin might just remind us how important it is. You can live a whole life inside doing busy and important things, but it sure does give you a boost to step outside, especially in the company of trees.

The fish

Andrew showed us goldfish in the many ponds and lakes that have lived at Morley Hayes for many years after a kind gift from a happy neighbour. The pond by the front gates has a fountain which could only be switched on for a little while at a time so the fish didn’t get too much Vitamin O2, as it would have killed them. I never knew that!

You are not a fish. Are you getting enough Vitamin O2? 

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