Are you waiting for permission to have a nice life?

I know that it’s ridiculous. So do you. And yet…

I once burst into tears in the IKEA kitchen department. I was close to the final sign off on my order for a complete new kitchen (including my first ever dishwasher!) when the lovely IKEA lady asked me one final, life-changing question.

Really, really?

“Would you like under-cupboard lighting?”

It may have seemed, to her, a very ordinary question. One she asks every day even.

I burst into tears.

There was something about under-cupboard lighting that seemed the stuff of design magazines and very posh people’s houses. The kind of thing that goes along with enormous double sided open fires right bang smack in the middle of a large lounge or the kind of house that has an indoor swimming pool. Or an outdoor pool for that matter. Definitely not the kind of thing I could have.

Yes. Yes. For sure, yes!

Except it was the kind of thing I could have. No reason not to. Not even that expensive. And yet there was something about the concept such a lovely thing that caught me by surprise. I tearfully asked her (rather pointlessly) if she was sure I really could have them. Of course she said yes.

Daft versus Dream

Writing it now it seems even more daft than it did at the time. But clearly there was something deep in my subconscious that found the idea of lighting up my late night banana sandwich quite beyond expectations. The stuff of dreams my friend!

So now I ask you…

What are you waiting for? What would you really like to experience, have, wear, do, say, dance to?

It’s not about permission to spend money you haven’t got or do something you know fundamentally is not a healthy choice for you. It’s about the things that there is no earthly reason not to do, except some crazy permission you’re unconsciously waiting for.


Small is beautiful!

It might be a grand plan to change job, start a business, travel a long way, create something amazing. It might also be something really small…to choose to eat the nicest things first, wear new socks on an ordinary day, wear gorgeous scent just to stay home.
It’s about noticing if you are stopping yourself from something joyful when there’s no reason to hold back.

I hope you enjoy whatever this week brings, look for the good stuff and enjoy the moments.
Me? I’m going to switch on those under-cupboard lights because, after 10 years of having them, I forgot all about them til I wrote this!

Much love
Pam x

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