Vote for yourself!


Vote for yourself!


Off the rails!

Last week a tram in my city centre came off its rails and scraped along the road for a few yards, scoring lines into the tarmac as it went. No one was injured thank goodness, but it took a few hours to get the tram moved and everything came to a stop in the meantime. Derailments, whether through traumatic events or distractions, can happen to at any time. And whether they happen around us or directly to us, they can cause us to lose focus on what we were doing. Longer term we can lose direction altogether.



Where’s The Focus?

So, what are you currently focused on and does it take you in the direction you want to go?

I’m in the process of making a proper plan for the future of my life and business and I realised this week that I’m actually planning something that I dreamt of nearly 20 years ago. Along the way there have been adventures and interesting diversions but my goodness, 20 years?!!


What’s stopping you?

I know that everything I’ve done up until this point will be valuable in some way and that now seems the best time to unfold the plan and finally make it happen. I also know that I really could have made it happen sooner, so what’s been stopping me? It’s the clarity and faith in what it is you’ve been created to do. Who are you? What are you meant for? And that doesn’t have to be some kind of amazing world-renowned thing, it’s more about how you do whatever you do. It’s about tapping in to your particular kind of energy and embracing and honouring that.


Letting go

That involves letting go of all the criticisms, jibes and teasing you have had over the years and recognising that aspects of you that you have tried to dilute, hide or deny are actually your true essence.


Who you are

I believe we all have a purpose and that the ‘what’ you do is less important to that purpose than the ‘how’. Say for instance you might see a pop singer as having a very different purpose to a care worker. But if that person’s essence is uplifting, positive and respectful, they can do either job with that same energy and bring their light to the world.

You can be quiet, strong and supportive in any role, paid or unpaid, you can be boisterous, engaging and motivating in any role, paid or unpaid. What is the energy, the essence of you, once you strip away what other people may have told you about how you ‘should’ be? When you sit quietly listening, allowing yourself to just be, just as you are – that’s where you’ll find it. It’s not in the way other people describe you, positive or negative (although that might give you clues) it’s you before anyone even knew your character, perhaps even before you were born, the true, pure light of you. The thing that shines when you feel safe, loved and content.


Be more dog!

Or rather, ‘be more you’. If you focus on the things that are important to you and crucially, the way in which you want to work/live/love/play, it’s easier to head in the right direction. Are you following your true essence or becoming de-railed by what’s going on around you or other people’s views or expectations?

Trusting your true self, you on the inside, your quiet voice, could just mean the difference between a life of waiting for something to happen and actually making the magic real.

Maybe it’s time.

It’s definitely time for me (after 20 years!) I’m going to be making some magic happen, I hope join me in my magic, or your very own.


Tough times

If you’ve been affected directly or emotionally by traumatic events in the last few weeks, please stay focused, the world needs you to show up and shine.

If we all access our best, true selves, our true essence, we really can make a better world.

In life and in politics, I vote for the person who is tuned in to their essence, it’s easy to make the right decisions from that place and the direction looks good. I aim to keep on getting better at tapping into my true self more of the time. I hope you’ll be able to do the same, and to vote for yourself. Your true essence is worthy of your support.


Much love

Pam x



3 responses to “Vote for yourself!”

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks Pam, your message really made me reflect on where I am at in life and where I feel I would like to be. Xxx

  2. Margot Tyers says:

    Your message today was really poignant as I’ve been questioning where I should go with my future at work and what I need to do to get my mojo back. I need to feel motivated and inspired and my job isn’t giving me that any more so it’s time to tune into what my real purpose is going forward

  3. Anji says:

    Just been fannying about not focussing on what needs to get done. This message feels it was just for me. Right words, right time…thank you x