Too fat to run? Not likely mate!


My friend Julie Creffield got a lot of stick when she started running. As a plus size runner, she realised she probably wasn’t the only one…

C is for Compassion

Who told you that?

When Julie heard blokes shouting at her from a van, you’d have thought she might have given up.
When her doctor suggested she was too fat to run, you might have thought that would clinch it.


Five marathons later

Julie not only carried on running but started a worldwide movement (literally!) to support more women to run. And to achieve other goals too, to lead bigger lives.

What’s your message?

We all have negative messages we can remember being hurled at us negatively, or suggested to us ‘caringly’. The trick is not to let them stop you if doing that thing will make you feel good about who you are, be healthy for your body, or just darned fun!

Who’s that talking?

And then of course, there’s the little voice inside. Sometimes the negativity comes from our own mind.
Those negative messages get stuck on repeat like an old vinyl record. Well, I’m here to tell you, that just like Julie did, it’s time to get with the 21st century and delete that old track and get on with making the good stuff happen!

Your new soundtrack

YOU get to choose what goes on in your head and you can start right now by telling yourself ‘You’re doing ok!’
Have a go at saying a few kindnesses to yourself as you go through your day, if you’re feeling up to the challenge, you could even do it out loud. That way you get to hear it twice!

C is for Compassion

The C of my care model is all about being kind in your mind. Trust me, this is both important – because it changes the chemicals in your body from stressed to confident (excuse the simplified science but that’s basically how it goes!) – and it’s an ongoing commitment to your health.
From my own experience I know that we need to keep tabs on those little thoughts we have everyday and stay alert.

Like crossing the road

I was in the the Tufty Club when I was four!
It was a road safety club to teach kids to cross the road safely. It didn’t mean that once I’d learned to ‘Look right, then left, then right again’ that I’d never have to do it again. It became a habit that I need to do anytime I cross the road, 50 years later. Just today I crossed a one way street but still had to look both ways!
In a similar way, we need to keep one eye on that internal chat – are you still being kind in your mind?

This week

Have a fabulous week, and whether the negative stuff comes from a man in a van or your own head, swap it quickly for something kind in your mind. Your stress levels will go down and your smiles may well go up 🙂

Big love,
Pam x

PS If you’re interested to know more about Julie’s story, how she started a worldwide movement, went on national TV and is now launching a whole new campaign, click here for her website.
You can also click here to join her on Facebook
Or click here to see her ‘Fat Girls Guide to running’ facebook group in which she did live videos whilst running this weekend!

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