Is it time you grew up?


Is it time you grew up?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for wearing my tutu at outdoor fitness, dancing in the supermarket queue, laughing at my own trumps, playing with my god-children’s toys and generally acting more like a kid than a grown up, but the truth is, I’m doing a bit of growing up right now!


I’m getting the hang of business!

Most people that know me, or just know of me, think I have a successful business but don’t realise that mostly it’s been by happy accident!

I’m just getting my head around the fact that when you run your own business it’s good to have a sound strategy. Bearing in mind I wanted to be an author when I was 8 years old and I managed it at 51, it’s also taken me a little while to get the business thing sorted too. This September my business will come of age; 18 years! It’s probably about time I did the same.


In Which I Grow Up

It was only last week that I realised with absolute clarity what it takes to run a business properly. For 17 and three quarter years I’ve bimbled along, occasionally trying something new, getting a bit more organised, increasing the quality, honing my services. But always with (I realise in retrospect) an air of “Well I don’t do that proper business planning stuff because it’s, well, boring!”.


 52 already?

Then, as I approach my 52nd birthday I realise that having a proper strategy, one that might actually bring me an income for my later years, might just be a really good idea. And now that I have a rather good idea and – more importantly – realised it’s an even better idea to consult clever people to help me make it work properly, I had an epiphany; I identified this crazy stuff I’d been doing for years, of acting like a stubborn teenager about ‘doing things properly’ aka ‘boringly’, wasn’t actually a useful approach to business.


The things we hold on to

I still have my old teddies. I have some of my childhood annuals and a few of my Enid Blyton’s. But how many childhood identities do we also hold on to? Like being the one who hated beetroot, being the first or last to finish eating, being the one who was always ‘over sensitive’ or the one who always lost their temper. Have those things become labels that stuck? And here’s the real question: are they useful?


It’s time to let go

It’s time to let go of the old messages that don’t serve us any more. The ‘I can’ts’ and the ‘I don’ts’, the ‘oh, I never do thats’ and the ‘I always do it this ways’. Which old label is getting in the way of you having the life you want?


 I will if you will!

Actually, I’m going to do it anyway, but if you’d like to join me, that makes it all the more fabulous. Is there an old habit or label you’ve recognised as past it’s useful date? Something you’ve been stubborn about, something impossible you’ve held on to as a goal, or a habit that stops you feeling content?

Join me in letting go and getting going. Getting going with something better. More of what you want. Lighting the blue touch paper and blooming getting on with it. With life. With the life you want!


I’ll keep you posted on the business strategy because, although it’s a bit grown-up, it’s rather exciting as well. But in the meantime, I wish you well in all your endeavours and wish you a good mix of crazy, careless, tutu type playing and the other robust, sensible grown-up stuff in good balance, they both serve us well in the end.


Much love,

Pam x




8 responses to “Is it time you grew up?”

  1. clifford says:

    Good morning how are you ☺☺. Thank you your words always make me smile .

  2. Nick says:

    I love the light-hearted way you say really important and fundamental things – great way of expressing yourself, and much better than appearing to lecture from the old soap-box. Whilst part of me enjoys ‘being old enough to act like a child’ (as per a TV ad for a well-known electronics store!) the thought provoking nature of todays Monday Morning Booster makes me recognise that I need to lose some of my ‘less mature’ approaches – better for me and better for those around me. Thanks Pam.

  3. cath c says:

    Booom this is so bang on it 😀 whoop whoop. been dropping these labels – I left them all in Glastonbury last week 😀 hoping to shake off the last of them tonight 😉

    I also discovered my inner child this week- buried under all those labels 😉 hehe

  4. Lisa says:

    Great approach Pam, I guess you have spent the time exploring and getting clear on your passion, belief and your approach and so now you can be confident and mature enough to change your focus a little and realise you might need a different way of looking at the boring stuff. Its never too late, and maybe now is just the right time for you!