Time to pick on my mum again


Did you see the videos of my mum travelling with me to work in Dublin?
It was quite a funny series!
Well, this week, she’s at the centre of the story…

R is for Reality


The R of my CARE model of Wellbeing is all about the Reality of how much time, energy and resources you actually have. It’s about realising that your good intentions about being able to do everything, for everybody, is not going to work. And it’s going to make you ill. This week it’s about your ‘Big Rocks’.

How you do your diary

You probably know that for the last few years my mum has been caring for my dad who has Alzheimer’s. She burnt out completely which is when we had to insist that dad was cared for elsewhere. So, she did a bit of recovery but still visits him regularly and gets involved in his care. It makes her feel good. But it also wears her out.

Time for fun

Recently she realised that between housework, meetings and visiting dad, she does’t get much time for fun.
And here’s why I wanted to pick on her story for this weeks message…
…she puts the chores in first – eeeeek!

Stephen Covey

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey talks about the difference between ‘prioritising your schedule and scheduling your priorities’. To put it another way, ‘put your big rocks in first’.

Noticing what you do

Can you be the observer of your own habits? Because if you notice what gets into your diary and what falls off the list because your day, week or year is too full, you’ll be able to see if the things that get left out are things that should go in the diary first – and stay there. (not bumped out for something that seems more important but isn’t really).

Watch the story – get the message

In an usual change of habit, this week’s video is not one of me!
Because I want you to really get the gist of Stephen Covey’s message. It’s been repeated many times, it’s been copied using coffee, beer, golf balls and all kinds of things. Why? Because the message is still relevant and the demo sticks in your mind. So even if you’ve seen it before, watch it again here!

This week I wish you the wisdom to (as Stephen Covey would say) ‘Put first things first’,
Have fun!
Big love
Pam x

PS Love you mum!

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