The missing peace


The Missing Peace


The Dalai Lama said “If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!”

There’s something really important about the little things…

When life doesn’t quite fit right, when you feel there’s something missing and you’re looking for the missing piece, what if it’s not a ‘thing’ but a ‘nothing’ that we’re searching for?

Not what we’ve got, not got, not even what we do…but what we don’t do that will fill the gap.



Human Being. Not Human Doing.

Putting some gaps into your life, into each day could be just the ‘something’ you’re looking for.

Be more of a Human Being and a bit less of a Human Doing. Now then, this gap doesn’t have to be a complete lack of something. If you’re a busy, driven person, the thought of doing nothing might freak you out! (Perhaps the reason you’ve never quite got into meditation or relaxation type activities). Neither do you need to sit cross-legged and hum Ohm (much as I love that!). What about experimenting with a new kind of gap in your day?

If you already create a little piece of peace in your day, have a go at this anyway, it might result in you having a little extra slice!


Good as Peace

Maybe you don’t have the time, patience, environment or home-life to create hours of consistent, calm, restorative peace. So let’s go for plan B.

Plan B is to have a G.A.P. in your day, short for ‘Good As Peace’. It doesn’t have to take long, doesn’t need any special equipment, you won’t even break into a sweat 😉

It requires only one thing: Your intention to create a moment of focus, a moment of something that feels like peace. Let’s try it right now, it really does only take a few moments…

Concentrate for a moment on your left hand. Not doing anything with it, not moving it even, just noticing how it feels. At first you might not have a sense of your hand if it’s not moving or holding something but keep going, take a moment to let it become noticeable. Is there a faint buzzing, almost like you can feel the blood getting to each cell, keeping you functioning? If you still don’t sense it, try rubbing your hands together for 10 seconds then stop and notice what you feel now. As you home in on that feeling, that simple sense of where your hand is, breathe a little longer, a little deeper, not a huge breath, just a bit longer than your default breath. Relax your jaw, your tongue, your facial muscles and your shoulders. Take 5 slow breaths as you focus on your hand. Now focus on your other hand. Go through the same process, consider how you know where your hand is, just by the feeling, notice it, breathe just a little deeper. Breathe 5 slow breaths as you focus on your other hand.


How was that for you darling?

What do you notice after just a few moments of focusing on something other than all the things going on in your day today?

I’d love you to pop a comment below to let me know what you noticed.

A lot of people find it hard to create a bit of calm in their day. I, too, can fall foul of not taking enough time for meditation and ‘proper’ relaxation (as opposed to flopping in front of the telly!) so this is one of the things I do from time to time during a busy day; just for a few moments. You can follow this suggestion and feel your hands, or you could watch the rain on the window or watch the trees blow, or feel your feet. Whatever you choose, focus on something other than a screen and breathe just a little longer, a little deeper.

When life is tough and days are busy, we can be forgiven for thinking the solution is a big change, a big investment in time or energy to try and feel better. Actually, the worst kind of stress is the sort that builds up, it’s rarely one big thing at once, it’s one little thing at a time. And it can be the same on the positive side, looking after your health, one little GAP at a time, building up a sense of calm, a collection of little moments that can be as good as a big chunk of peace.


Make a GAP in your day, every day. It really is the little things that make a difference. (and you’re worth it)

Much love,

Pam x

5 responses to “The missing peace”

  1. Lin Ryan says:

    Phew! Needed that . Thank you Pam xxxxxx

  2. Beryl says:

    Thank you Pam.
    I am grateful to continue to receive your wonderful posts.
    They bolster and confirm my efforts to make small changes in my life.
    We can’t change the world but we can change ourselves and then spread out that peace to influence others like ripples in a lake.
    Even if that lake begins to feel like a rather stormy sea.
    It is no small coincidence that I attended an amazing yoga workshop yesterday that perfectly chimes with your positive philosophy.

  3. Pam HUtley says:

    Sounds like an assembly to me! Have practised this in the steam room, without my glasses on (obviously) focussing on the fuzzy blue light I can see. Good to have a mindful moment- and to clear the head.

  4. Simon says:

    It is always good to be reminded to pause at regular intervals throughout the day. Why don’t we do it more often? If I can’t or don’t find 20 minutes to meditate I generally don’t bother, but your little exercise reminded me that one minute of mindfulness is far better than nothing at all so thanks for the reminder Pam. Bizarrely, as I was doing the exercise, Max Bygraves suddenly popped into my head with that song of his…..”You need hands!”

  5. caroline says:

    Very simple and helpful Pam….. like you say little things really can make a difference : )
    God Bless xxx

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