The cost of adventures


I’m not talking about the financial cost of an adventure, it’s all about the energy it takes…

E is for Energy


Phew! What a busy week!

As a result, I’m sending this a little later in the morning than usual – such adventures!



Part 1
A trip to Chester to work with some very lovely people for the last time was a little sad. They’re so shiny though, I know the future is bright and I wish them all the best.

Part 2
After a long dark drive home and a good sleep I was off again, this time to Edinburgh to speak at PSA Scotland’s Training Day and Burns Supper.

The chair

When I got to East Midlands airport I had to hours before my flight. I felt achy after the Chester driving and thought I’d try one of those massage chairs. It’s a pound for three minutes and always looks inviting.



Then I faltered. Sitting in a lounger in the main departure area where other people are sitting about on their phones, while the chair vibrates and pummels my back. Sounds a little embarrassing, am I right?


Practising what I preach

I was on my way to Edinburgh to talk to people about not letting your doubting gremlins run the show. I felt something rise up in me and it was the desire to do what I wanted to do, to care for myself and put something back in the tank. I walked confidently over to the first of the four chairs and sat down.


Here we go!

YES! I was going to get a three-minute massage, so there!

I put in my pound, and closed my eyes, wondering what it would be like. Nothing.
I looked up and saw the chair next to me begin to move. I’d put my pound in the wrong slot! Jumping up and laughing at myself I tried to dive quickly into the next chair, placing me directly next to a chap just using one as a chair with no intention of having a massage. He laughed and the two women opposite me laughed as I sat in the chair and pulled a face, not sure if I liked the sensations or not. One woman said ‘Well at least it’s only three minutes!’

A funny kind of nice

As it turned out, I quite liked it. Despite being too short to enjoy the neck massage which ended up being a pummelling to the top of my head, I definitely felt more relaxed.

I pondered having another pounds worth. This brought back memories of missing a flight in Hong Kong, despite the airline (apparently) calling my name over the tannoy for a long time whilst I enjoyed one of those massages where you sit with your head in a hole and your ears full of towel. Maybe I shouldn’t push my luck?

Go for it

I checked the time. Still plenty left. I had another pound coin.

But what about the people around me? I had joked about not liking it. Will they think I’m silly for having another go?

Doubting Gremlins

Do you ever have these kind of thoughts?

In the spirit of practising what I preach I popped in another pound and enjoyed three more minutes of slightly weird public pampering. It was blooming gorgeous.

Bonny Scotland and Burns Night

I went on to have a fab time in Edinburgh; my speech went well, and I enjoyed the haggis!


So, today is E for Energy of my CARE Model

Remembering what you need to keep yourself topped up with what you need in two ways; the basic needs of eating, hydrating and resting, and the need to find joy to lift your spirits. That chair did both because I felt physically less achy felt joy as I chuckled to myself at what a strange thing it is to do in the middle of an airport.


Over to you

What do you need? What do you know you need but feel you shouldn’t or can’t do for yourself?

Are you skipping lunch, missing a refreshing walk, not drinking enough water, forgetting to plan some joy in your diary?
If I can sit in a vibrating chair, you can drink enough water today!

Keep it going

I got back last night, happy but completely pooped. Time for another massage, perhaps I need one of those chairs in the house…?
This week, I wish you health and happiness. After all, most of that is in your own hands. And you’re worth it.
Big love,
Pam x

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