The British Weather – and you


If you’re in the UK or not, you’ll have heard about the British Weather? Well, I’ve got some notes on how it applies to you, wherever you are…

One sunny day

It’s a well known fact that British people talk about the weather. It’s an easy start to a chat with a stranger and there’s sure enough to talk about!
There’s a bit of a joke here in the UK, that when we have a few sunny days together in a row you should “Enjoy summer, because THIS is it”. We’re only partly joking, those few warm days usually give way to rain, wind or even unseasonable snow!

Wishing for more

I found myself lamenting the lack of a reliable stretch of weather. You know, being able to plan a picnic, an outdoor event, a party, a long country walk, and know that chances are, it’s likely to be a nice day. Nope. You gotta try and guess the 8 nice days we’ll have between May and September.

Last week, there was even more chat about the weather as we were due to have a hot, sunny Bank Holiday. And it came to pass. As rare as unicorn poop; good weather on a Bank Holiday. There was shock across the country.

The grass is greener because you don’t have to mow it

Sometimes, we might dream of being in a more constant climate.
After spending some time in Singapore, however, I realised I missed sunny days that were followed by cool evenings. And those early mornings that you know are going to be sunny, but it’s still misty and fresh. Gorgeous. After all, it seems, I like a mixed bag. (or a mystery lucky bag!)

What’s my point?

I’m sure I do have one… Ah yes, there it is; why the British weather is relevant to you, wherever you are.

Cast your mind back to the last little happy moment you had. Maybe it was getting a can of sardines open without getting the contents all over yourself. Maybe it was making it to the toilet just in time. Maybe it was thinking you’d lost your wallet, only to realise you hadn’t. Maybe you couldn’t find your phone and then realised you were speaking on it, whilst looking for it.
Yes, I believe these are all opportunities for a little happy dance!
Those little happy moments – and big happy moments too – are all the more happy because they don’t happen all the time.

Tough Times

Difficult times have their purpose too. They give us a chance to learn something new. Whether it’s a new coping skill, patience or plumbing tricks, there’s an opportunity to grow from the experience. In a way, it’s a stormy day. Watering the ground ready for new shoots.
And those days make the happy days all the sweeter.

Happy all the time

Let’s face it, if we were happy all the time, it wouldn’t be special. And actually, I think I’d get tired pretty quickly.
I haven’t got enough energy for all the squealing and jumping I do when I’m having a fab day.

Quiet contentment

What most folks are really after, is quiet contentment. A sense that ‘all is well’.
It is possible – with a bit of gentle, long breathing and a moment to take stock – to achieve a quiet contentment, whatever the weather. We need to drop the judgement of ‘good’ or ‘bad’ weather and decide we’ll make the best of what we have. Jump in the puddles or hide inside with your paints, there’s even something good about the rain.

You might want to try

You might want to try thinking of life’s ups and downs as weather. I find it really useful. Whatever happens, will eventually pass, change and move on. Whatever happens, you’ll make it through. Whether you need a sunhat or you wellies.
Or, if you live in an ‘interesting’ climate, both!

Whatever the weather, whatever life is bringing you, I’m sending you peace to cushion the spaces in between,

Much love,
Pam x

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