Are you talking to the wrong people?


Are you talking to the wrong people?

Here are 3 ways to check!


1. The Tough Truth

Surely this is something you have done at some point or another. Let’s say ‘Joe’ has upset you. And let’s say you want him to know how you feel and ask him not to do it again.

And yet you talk to pretty much anyone except Joe. Other people might sympathise, stand with you in solidarity in the view that Joe is a bad guy, offer you advice and a shoulder to cry on but the actual problem won’t change unless you have that Tough Truth conversation with Joe. Can you remember what it’s like trying to avoid having that chat? And how about the relief when you just get on and do it? Priceless!

2. True Reactions

When you need to tell someone they are right, that you forgive them, that you’re proud, that they’ve done really well or that you love or care about them it might just change their day, week or life. We can all read that and say “Of course I do that”, and yet, have a think…do you sometimes withhold an apology or avoid conceding that someone is better at something than you are?

How many times do we tell people we have too much to do whilst not speaking to the people who might be able to help? Maybe this week, speaking your truth might be about asking the right person to help you out.
If you can imagine the power of passing on some of those truths, even (especially) to the people who wind us up most, it could be such a beautiful thing.

3. Talking Trumpets

And finally… who do you talk to about successes, and by that I mean YOUR successes?
You went above and beyond the call of duty at work and someone was really grateful. You mention it to a friend but do you mention it to the person who writes the newsletter? Or your boss? Do you write it down or save the email for yourself, to cheer you up on a rainy day?

And if you run your own business, how much do you enjoy passing on your little wins to friends and family? Are you blowing your trumpet on your business page, your website, in the local paper? Are you making sure that existing and potential customers have access to ALL your successes and good news? If you’re a UK based person I might risk saying there’s probably more you could do. Trumpeting your successes is not showing off, or rude. It’s honouring the gifts you bring to the world and the work you put in to it.

So if you have got something to say this week, have a think about who really needs to hear it. You might just be talking to the wrong people about the right things and missing out on some powerful conversations that would do us all the world of good.

So, while I’m at it, I just wanted to mention how fabulous I think you are 😉

Have a fabulous week,
Much Love
Pam x

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