Surely you know when you’re tired?


You’d think?!

Here’s the science behind accidental burnout and how to notice the important signs

A is for Acknowledge

What’s going on with you?


How you miss the signs

The A in my CARE model is usually about acknowledging the good stuff to build resilience and confidence. HOWEVER we also need to acknowledge what’s going on in our bodies and minds and check if there’s something that needs attention…

When your day is full of urgent issues, other people’s crises and needs, you’re often running on adrenaline.
Especially if you’ve been busy for a long time, with lots of things on your mind, your mind and body are on high alert. At some level you’re experiencing ‘fight or flight’, our response to stress which triggers adrenaline and cortisol, known as our stress hormones. These things are useful if we are under a short-term, physical threat. Trouble is, it’s often not short-term and not a physical threat.

Adrenaline Junkie

When the body is full of adrenaline, it acts like a painkiller. This makes sense if you’re in a life or death situation and need to fight off a tiger or run away. But it’s no way to carry on as a regular habit!

It’s how we manage to go on for far too long, ignoring the signs of fatigue and pushing on.
Then, of course, when you finally stop, you can’t work out why you feel so utterly spent.

Proper planning prevents panic, pain and pandemonium

If you know you’re going to be busy, maybe you could consider planning in some rest time, a short walk, some time in the outdoors, some nutritious food or a chat with a friend ON PURPOSE.

Sorry to shout.
I need you to realise you can’t trust yourself to know when to stop, especially if you’ve been full-tilt busy for a while. You might just keep ploughing on, convinced you’ve got more fuel in the tank because the adrenaline is masking reality.

Cause a Pause

So, what small things are you going to plan today that will cause a pause? You know we need to do these things on purpose; the world rarely creates a pause for you!

Have a great week, creating moments of pause that help you breathe and look after yourself,

Big love,
Pam x

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