What are the most risky burnout behaviours?


Some of the most risky burnout behaviours…


8 of the most common burnout clues I see in clients

You are a precious human being who deserves to feel well and have a sustainable lifestyle that means you’ll be around for as long as possible and enjoying every moment.

You may have heard that I have an ebook out on Amazon. Over 300 books have now been downloaded around the world.
You may have downloaded it. You may even have read it. This week, I’m giving you what will be either a sneak preview if you haven’t seen it yet or a little reminder if you have. Because there’s always time to slow down.

This excerpt is from the books executive summary. So there’s none of the gentle, chatty approach from the rest of the book, here I get right to the point!

You might recognise something here about yourself or someone you know. Check out these 8 common clues…

  1. “I’m invincible!” You think you are right. And you think you’re invincible. You think because you’ve managed something once, you can carry on pushing your luck. You need a way to conduct an honest reality check. Do you want to be right or do you want to be well?
  2. “Stop telling me to slow down!” You take a big risk when you stop listening to the people who have your best interests at heart, they can see the things you are ignoring. Listen to them.
  3. “I’m fine! I can’t see a problem!” Ignoring the little (or massive) red flags that are telling us to find balance. Stop ignoring them, they WILL get bigger. Do something different.
  4. Some red flags: Heart racing or palpitations, change in eating habits, problems with getting to sleep or staying asleep, waking in a panic, panic attacks, unexplained headaches happening regularly, cancelling the thing you usually love to do, feeling tired all the time, even on waking, irritability, unreasonableness, feeling like you have a lump your throat (likely to be muscle tension), feeling like your brain is full and thoughts are racing, your diary has no gaps, the thought of taking a holiday makes you feel more stressed, you’re working more hours than you’re paid for, increase in ‘self-medication’ with junk food, sugar, alcohol, gambling, sex, computer games, over-spending or anything you recognise as the things you tend to do when things aren’t ok. Of course, there may be other reasons behind any of these but they are a red flag you need to take notice of and take action about, whatever the cause.
  5. “But I have to do all these very important things to avert disaster!” My contributors who describe their own burnout in the book and the many others who have informed my work over the years, have all said this: You look back and realise the things you were focused on and stressed about really weren’t so important, even though it felt like it at the time, it’s an illusion. There are more important things and the most important one is your health. At least step back and have a look.
  6. “I just have to carry on a bit longer…and a bit longer…” Taking a break earlier means you recover faster. The longer you pretend it’s not a problem, the longer and harder your recovery.
  7. “I haven’t got time to enjoy myself” Don’t underestimate the little things; walk the dog (or borrow one!), go for a swim, read a book for pleasure, a weekend away. GP’s when looking out for symptoms of depression check out if you’ve stopped doing the very things that make you feel good. If you pepper your life with pleasures, it really stops the build-up and keeps you alert to the red flags too.
  8. You’re in disaster mode. If you often give more than you have in your tank, you’re going to have to plan time for your inevitable burnout. You’re in disaster mode and the burnout is most likely to arrive at the least convenient moment. But really, I’d rather you plan for well-being than make time for disaster. Everyone needs a well-being strategy, what will your be?


So, there you have the 8 burnout clues from the executive summary of my book and if anything rings a bell, check out the whole book by clicking here. It’s all of 99p (I wanted it to be free and this is the cheapest Amazon will let me market it for) and only takes 30 minutes to read. It contains all 42 ways you might be heading for burnout and 42 ways to stop it. It might just stop you in time.

This weeks message isn’t a sales pitch though. (If it was I’d be charging more than the minimum price lol!) I feel completely fired up about making sure people are taking the risk of burnout seriously and stop pushing themselves beyond healthy. If my message stops one major health issue like the ones in the book, or helps one person to mend relationships before over-work and over-worrying breaks them, I’ll be a very happy bunny.

Take care of you, there’s only one!
Have a fabulous week,

Much love
Pam x

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