Overwhelmed by triffid bush growth!


Overwhelmed by triffid bush growth!

There’s some scary stuff going on in the garden

I’m not only coming up to my 18th birthday in my business but also in the house I live in. Which is probably why the pretty little bushes I planted when I first moved in are now trying to take over the universe.

The people who live at the bottom of the garden

I originally planted some laurel bushes to offer some privacy from the houses at the bottom of the garden. The laurels have now blocked not just ground level but all 3 stories of the houses and are waving for freedom higher than the roofs.
Various other established bushes are huge and wide. The little ivy plant I bought in a pot the size of a coffee mug, now covers the fifteen foot high wall down one side of the garden AND the other side of the garden as well as the neighbours’ sides of said walls. And the lemon balm I planted because I love the smell, covers a good few feet of every flower bed, crowding out all the the colourful flowers I’d forgotten were even there.

It’s all too much!

For quite a while now I’ve popped down the garden to mow the lawn and dashed back up to the patio before the tigers in the undergrowth got me. Until this weekend…

It stopped me in my tracks

I’d decided this weekend I was going to at least tackle the lemon balm and rediscover all the other plants underneath and shoo away tigers if necessary. I was feeling brave.
When the deep purples, vivid blues, bright pinks and yellows started to reveal themselves, you’d think I hadn’t known they were there. The wonder of seeing just how beautiful everything was just stopped me in my tracks.

Don’t strain yourself

As I’m in the very early days of re-finding my energy (after nearly 4 years of menopause adventures) I knew I shouldn’t be too gung-ho in the major horticulture department and quick quickly decided I’d done enough for one day.

I can see the triffids from here!

As I write this I can still see the triffids, the ever encroaching ivy and the laurels reaching for the sky.
But the overwhelm I have been feeling for ages has faded and been replaced by the wonder of this magical place. In all the pressure about what needed to be done, I’d lost sight of what really matters; that as well as being my responsibility, this is also my sanctuary and my own little slice of heaven.

This Week

So, for this week, here’s the thing:
Let’s remember why we do what we do.
That it’s not just about getting the task done but about looking up from it now and again and enjoying the view. That it’s not just about getting the kids out of the door on time but noticing their smiles. That it’s not just about finishing that report but being chuffed with all the hard work you put into it.
And that life itself, all of it, isn’t just about getting through, but enjoying the wildflowers in the hedgerows along the way.
It’s about seeing all the things we need to attend to and thinking “I can handle it!” Even if handling it means one small step at a time.

Have fun noticing the progress you’re making and the little pops of joy along the way. If you miss out on those, well, what’s the point really?

With big love and squishy hugs,
Pam x

PS Don’t worry about the tigers, they’re pussy cats really 😉

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