Open the window and breathe


Fresh air is not just for summer, it’s for life – literally!
There’s some interesting science to encourage us to
‘open the window and breathe’

E is for Energy



The smell of freshly cut grass.
I’ll just leave that there while you imagine it.
Now, putting your face deep into clean laundry, straight off the washing line…
…got it?
These smells aren’t just pleasant smells, they can actually generate powerfully positive emotions.
All things great and small

We need oxygen to live but how much clean air is there in some of the places we spend our time in?
One piece of research showed that 90% of people felt an increase in energy from even a short spell outside in nature.
And get this, another piece of research showed that people in deprived areas that had more trees, had lower stress levels. They proved it by testing people’s saliva for traces of the stress hormone cortisol!
How much are you getting?

Fresh air, that is. How much fresh air are you getting, out in nature, even if it’s a city park or a piece of green near your place of work? Do you make time to get outside at weekends? In cold weather? When you have no need to go outside?
Finding Opportunities

Here in the UK, February seems to have ideas above it’s station and is pretending to be May. It’s sunny, the sky is blue and with a good jumper on, you could actually sit outside for a while. But even when the weather is less pleasant, fresh air is not just for summer, a little boost of clean air is something we need on a regular basis.
Health and Happiness

Fresh air boosts our immune system, but also our mental wellbeing and emotional mood. Sound like it’s worth making a little more time for the great outdoors?
If you’re staying in

I’ve started opening my windows a little more often, even on a cool day. I’ve noticed how rooms smell like clean washing when the air has been circulating. It seems it’s not my fine taste in laundry products that makes the clothes smell so lovely, it’s the good, clean air! It’s especially important for your bedroom, a little fresh, cool air to send you to sleep will do you the world of good. I close the window just before going to bed and there’s a kind of lightness in the air as I drift off that really helps me relax.
This week

E for Energy comes from what we eat, drink and do. But it also comes from what we are breathing in. I hope you get some fresh air this week, even if you have to wrap up warm to go out and get it, it’ll revive you more thoroughly than that cup of coffee 😉

Lots of love and fresh air to you!
Pam x

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