“Oh that? Nah, that wasn’t clever”


The danger of dismissing success


If you often refuse a compliment or you think you don’t have any skills, read on. You might find a reason to smile…

A is for Acknowledge


What you’re good at

How do you react to compliments? Feel a little dismissive or uncomfortable?

Often we dismiss compliments because we ignore success if it felt easy, surely it wasn’t that clever, anyone could do it!
Actually, no, not every one could do what you do, maybe it only seems easy because you’re skilled in that area!

It’s good for you!

Recognising what you’re good at is good for your health, developing a sense of confidence, competence and resilience, not by being humble but by acknowledging and celebrating what you do each day. It doesn’t even have to be a public declaration, it can be a personal audit of a day you completed to the best of your abilities.


A new start

From time to time I help people who are about to launch into a new chapter of their life.

We look at what they’re good at and the transferable skills they can take with them. A great example is a woman who has been at home with her young children and is heading back into work. The amount of organisational skills to get kids where they need to be on any given day, remembering birthdays, mediating family relationships and making sure everyone is clean, fed and comfortable at the end of each and every day, is quite a complex collection of amazing skills!
I would like to encourage you not to wait til you have to apply for a new job, realise your complex range of skills and abilities today. Stop taking for granted, all the amazing things you do each and every day. Acknowledge those things, it’s good for your mental and physical health.

What you’re good at

Check out this week’s video. I describe how Howard Gardner, instead of asking ‘how smart are you?’ Asks ‘How are you smart?’.
For anyone, this is a way of acknowledging and celebrating who you are. But especially if, like me, you weren’t ready to shine whilst in school, it’ll help you realise why.

Have a great week, accepting the compliments and realising why I keep telling you:
You Are Amazing,
It’s time for you to see it too,
Much love,
Pam x

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