Change! A whole new life chapter



A whole new life chapter!


Do you feel your life happens in chapters? Distinct periods of time separated by a big change…

I sure do,Β from childhood chapters separated by five house and school moves and then my twenties punctuated by coming out and then in my thirties buying my own house and setting up in business.

My most recent chapter has been characterised by meeting my lovely Annie, helping Mum and Dad through their own transitions and an adventurous menopause!


So what’s the next chapter?

If you know anything about my menopausal adventure you might be pleased to know I feel like I’ve definitely turned a corner. This has played a part in what happens next which is a big change in my business. So, what am I creating right now and why might you be interested? Well, I’ll tell you all about that when it’s ready to go. For today, it’s the process I want to talk about…

I wanted to give you a nudge, ask you the question “How are thing for you right now?”


Time to change or time to hang on in there…

You might be going through tough times and concentrating purely on getting through them.

You might be fully content and happy with where you’re at right now.

You might be a work in progress, with new things unfolding.

I wanted to check to see if you’re in the fourth category; That having done all of the other three, you are, once again, ready for a new chapter. Or at least a new page.


Are you living your life or waiting for a new chapter?

I went down to speak in Bristol last week and stayed at the beautiful waterfront apartment of the event organiser. It was the second time in two weeks I was in a home by water and I realised how happy it made me. Then the lovely Sue gave me a scrumptious fruit breakfast and her kitchen jars reminded me of some of the healthy, wholefood that I really love and haven’t been stocking up on.

I could make a massive change like moving house to be close to water, or I could just have more of what I love to eat stored in my kitchen. Both would give me a sense of choosing my life rather than bumbling along forgetting what makes me happy and excited. How about you, are you ready for a big change or maybe just to remember the little things that make you happy?


Crazy, exciting, brave or reckless!

Every now and again we might do something crazy, exciting, brave or reckless and then we settle down again for a while. I’m here to give you a gentle nudge to see if it’s time for a little excitement! The kind that leads to long term happy.


Keep your eye out!

I will be making some big, exciting changes. Some quite soon, some might take quite a bit longer but what I do know, is it’s time for a new chapter. I hope you’ll share it with me and keep me posted where you’re up to as well πŸ™‚


Trite phrases to help you smile, cringe or make a shift!

It’s never too late to take a new turn, throw another log on the fire or (my favourite) to light a new sparkler!

And it’s never too late to change your story, or at least to tweak it.

These messages are not new, but sometimes we see an old message at just the right time. After all, we are built to change and evolve!


Time to light a new sparkler?

Much love,

Pam x

13 responses to “Change! A whole new life chapter”

  1. Paul Dexter says:

    Brilliant as ever my lovely friend

  2. Julie C says:

    This post is very apt for me today because I’ve decided that my new chapter is one of looking after myself and being the healthiest and happiest version of me. I love a shiny new month with all the promise of a fresh start ???? Thanks Pam xx

    • Pam Burrows says:

      How blooming lovely Julie and what a fabulous objective – looking after you and being your healthiest, happiest self is worthwhile and shiny in it’s own right and then it’s bound to lead to other great things when your energy is so positive!

  3. Karen says:

    I am definitely at the stage where my life needs to change, but I don’t have any clear sense of direction at the moment x

    • Pam Burrows says:

      Hey Karen, sounds like the beginning of something new. Sometimes we need to let things percolate, chat and think about them before the right thing bubbles to the top. Have fun along the way xx


  5. Jen freeman says:

    Hi Pam. Great timing with this article. After 6 years of working from home and a difficult year of family bereavements (one was my lovely mum) I have decided to take on a new challenge. Just landed myself a new job in an office. I didn’t actually get the job I went for but they liked me and made another job for me! I’m so ready for the next chapter in my life ????

  6. Michelle says:

    Such a timely message – thank you! πŸ™‚ Definitely time for a change!

  7. Neat says:

    Such a great message and particularly poignant for me at the mo. Started new job on my birthday end of March and started studying again beginning of April, with my first assessment due this week, yikes! Scary chapter, but also very exciting ????. Thank you Pam, you always see the positive side of life and I will embrace my new chapter with your message in mind ???? xx