Why you should never start a diet on a Monday


Why you should never start a diet on a Monday


It’s the usual way, surely? And new years day and the first day back after a holiday, so what’s the problem?

The problem isn’t Monday, it’s what happens the few days before…

I’m going to live it up!

Whether I’ve been aiming for weight loss, healthy eating or cutting down alcohol, the Saturday before that Monday I often think “Well, I’m going to live it up tonight while I can” and have plenty of whatever it is I won’t be having once Monday comes around. I’m ‘getting the urge out of my system’ so surely that’s helpful?

Setting yourself up to fail

It’s not a sure-fire way to fail but it’s sure going to make it harder to achieve our aim. We might think it’s getting the urge out of our system but it’s getting some addictive substances right into it!


3 reasons it’s harder

  1. Sugar, white carbs or alcohol are going to be coursing through our body setting up an expectation there’ll be more.
  2. By the time we wake up on Monday, all the unhealthy stuff will have us feeling so rough, we crave the very things we’re trying to avoid
  3. A day or two into our new plan we start having withdrawal symptoms – yes even from sugar – and whether that’s an energy slump, tummy ache, massive cravings or a headache, it makes it harder to make a healthy choice.

Make it easy on yourself

Ease yourself self in gently. It’s almost like you’re sneaking up on your habits. Starting before you’re supposed to. Easing your foot off the pedal and beginning to make some changes ahead of Monday. It almost feels naughty to gt started early, like you’re cheating, getting ahead of the game, which can be a great motivator!


My struggle

Since I was 16 years old I’ve yo-yo dieted and it was only at 45 I finally lost the last of the extra 3 stone and kept it off. Until the wonderful adventure that is the menopause and the pounds crept on again. I kept trying to get back on that great feeling health kick but it’s a whole different story when your hormones are playing tricks. Then I realised I was playing the ‘not til Monday’ game.

Now I’m 2 weeks in and the idea of sneaking up on myself and accidentally doing well is a really easy way to eat well. It’s not a big pig-out followed by a strict, miserable regime but a series a little wins where I decide to make it easier.


More of the good stuff

It comes down to doing/eating/drinking more of the good stuff rather than even thinking about the unhealthy stuff. Keep focussed on the good stuff you want more of, whether it’s exercise, fun, healthy food or rehydration, rather tha the stuff you’re trying to have less of.


You’re worth it

It’s little, daily, easy habits that build a healthy body and mind. The big, grand ‘It all changes on Monday’ plans are likely to feel so daunting that we almost sabotage them in the run-up.

If you’re already doing healthy things, well done and keep going. If you’re planning to start, make it easy and sneak up on yourself, you might even enjoy it!

And of course, the more healthy things you’re doing, the less likely you are to burnout, my favourite subject! Making healthy choices are important because you’re valuable!


Have a great week, look after yourself, you’re the one person on hand 24/7 to know what you really need,


Much love

Pam x



5 responses to “Why you should never start a diet on a Monday”

  1. cc says:

    Timing. Thanks for reframing it. C xxxx

  2. Jill Weedop says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Thanks Pam x

  3. Jo J says:

    This me today!!!!!! I will start tomorrow!

  4. Lisa O'Neill says:

    So true Pam, I recently became Vegan. I knew I had to do it for medical reasons and I knew it would be challenging so 3 years ago I made a few changes doing it stealthily! ICut out sugar, learnt how to cook plant based recipes, eventually changed to soya milk so when I made the commitment last year it was as easy as pie (pumpkin pie of course). Make the changes small and manageable and it’s not hard work. You’re also less likely to beat yourself up for making a mistake X

  5. Jennie Prest says:

    Are you psychic Pam? I had to have a fasting blood test the other day, so delayed my breaky till 10.30am. I wasn’t hungry at lunchtime, so just had a slightly earlier evening meal, and have been doing this ever since – losing one meal a day but eating healthily and although it is early days yet – it is working. So I kinda sneaked up on the diet too!! Cheers Jennie