How much sanity space have you got?


…you create some sanity space

The idea of taking at least some control of how you spend your time is so important – I’ve created a video about it! Sanity Spaces.

I hope you get a moment to pop on some headphones or pay this out loud to yourself – and anyone else who needs it – and then immediately get your diary and follow my suggestions.

Do you keep looking forward to a quieter week, month, day? How often do they actually come around, and how often do you keep them clear to enjoy the space?

Seriously, if you don’t create some space in your diary, who is going to do it for you?

Let me tell you about it

Check out the 2 and a half minute video ‘SANITY SPACES’ by clicking here or on the photo at the top.

…and then pledge to create at least one small change for your own wellbeing!

And the bonus is, science can now prove that these changes make a difference, not just to your well being, sanity and overall health, but also to your productivity, motivation, effectiveness and your mood.

Have a great day and a ‘spacious’ week – you deserve it!

Much love
Pam x

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