Let’s create a ripple!


And let’s start with you, Precious One.
Then let’s see who you can pass it on to!

E is for Energy


The end of an era – thank goodness!

For the last four or five years I’ve been running at less than 100% of my usual energy. The hormonal changes that hit me at about 48 years old were life-changing (and not in a good way!). People I’ve met over that time, and people I’ve delivered stress reduction workshops for, have said positive things about me and my work. But, wow, some days, doing a good job felt like pushing treacle up a hill. With a sieve. Carrying a bag of bowling balls.

I’ll stop there, I think you get the picture!
My usual delivery of a day of wellbeing techniques to an audience started to require two or three days in bed to recover.

When you’re not in control

There will be times when things are outside of your control, like:

  • Hormones (this affects all genders!)
  • Other people’s agendas or crises
  • Mental or physical ill health (yours or loved ones)
  • Pressure of work
  • Family emergencies
  • –insert any of life’s random surprises here–

…and it’s at these times that we can turn to all kinds of quick fixes to get us through.
I thought I’d be ok, because I’d find out all the healthy fixes and ‘do the right thing’. But guess what? When hormones are out of kilter and we have to carry on regardless, working, looking after others, having a life, the body doesn’t like it and the symptoms continue. You’re not in full control of what happens.

A heartening story that made me jealous

I don’t feel jealous very often at all. But of all the advice I found on dealing with the menopause, the only story that seemed to make a true difference to symptoms and quality of life was a woman who left her job and went to live in a cabin by the sea for a year while the worst of the symptoms abated.

Not really an option for most folks and not when you’re self employed!

Doing the best you can

We’re not in full control. So we’re left with the option to do the best we can with what we have, which is what I did. Of course, if you have some major life challenges, health issues or traumas right now and you ARE able to head off to a cabin by the sea to sip herbal tea and meditate for a year, please do.

If not (!) here are 4 of the key things I did which might be useful for you:

Notice how you feel each and every day. This is hugely important, especially if you’re looking after someone else or have big responsibilities. Being the boss or the carer makes you outward looking (in order to do the best you can) which means it’s SO easy to not even notice that you’re hungry, thirsty or tired.

Number 2
An essential companion to number 1 is to then to act upon what you need and not ignore it. You might not be able to change the big picture but you can make a huge difference by getting the little things right, like eating, hydrating and resting. Oh, and being honest and asking for help.

Number 3
Talk to other people who are going through something similar. AND people who have come out the other side. Listen to what they tell you, and figure out what’s useful for you.
One friend was more helpful than she knew, just by telling me ‘it does get better, and when it does, it’s better than before’. Thank you Val 🙂

Number 4
Do the things you know make you feel better, even when you don’t want to. And especially if you think you haven’t got time for them, do them anyway.

First you, precious one!

I’m not promising that you’ll be able to eradicate the problem you have, or heal your body or mind, or totally shift the situation BUT what I will promise, is that if you follow those 4 habits, you’ll be in the best shape possible to make the best of a tricky situation, rather than making it feel worse.


And then the Ripple!

If life is tricky or even if life feels ok right now, you can follow those 4 tips and see an upturn in your E for Energy and your contentment. If other people see what you’re doing and you talk about it, you’ll be a fabulous role model.

You’ll be a part of the Ripple. 

Encouraging as many people as possible to change their habits for self-care habits and create a wellbeing culture, it’s a beautiful thing to do. I want to thank you in advance, for whatever you do towards this aim, however small 🙂

The end of an era and the start of ‘A Bigger Ripple’

I’m feeling SO much better and each week I get stronger and more energised. This week I’m unstoppable!

So, now I’m back to (better than) normal, my aim is to increase this Ripple effect by working with more organisations, so that the word spreads more quickly, with whole teams getting the wellbeing and self-caring habit.

Can you pass it on?

Who do you know that has responsibility for organisational wellbeing, sick leave or health and safety, who would value that kind of workplace culture? Tell them to call me on 07974309442 or email pam@pamburrows.com

A BIG thank you and a hug to those of you who’ve been doing exactly this for me lately, your enthusiasm for the Ripple is spurring me on and filling my heart and I’m so happy to already be talking to some new potential customers about making it happen.

Wellbeing for Leaders

I’ve just started up a brand new Facebook group specifically for leaders, so that they can get lots of valuable stress reduction and wellbeing advice, it’s part of my Ripple campaign too!

If you’re a CEO, Director, Head Teacher, Head of Department or senior manager, come join me for tips for your own wellbeing and strategies to implement in your organisation too. I love the hashtag #everybodymatters.
Here the facebook group; Wellbeing for Leaders
I’ve also done a little video for leaders to consider helping me with the Ripple as an experiment in their organisation. It’s not for free but it is at a reduced rate for joining in. Here’s a little video about it, feel free to share this with whoever you think might be interested. Video to show to leaders

You matter

I hope you’ve gathered by now that I have enough love for everyone, if you’re not a manager or leader, I’m still here for you too 😉

Remember the 4 steps to a wellbeing Ripple:

Notice how you are

Act on what you need

Get advice and ask for help

Create little habits that make a big difference



Special Offer

As promised, here’s the special offer!
Annie and I are about to start planning a whole new online programme so that you can access my tips and techniques for wellbeing and confidence, anytime, anywhere and forever. In order to make this new programme (or it might even be a series!) the best it can be, I’d love you to experience the existing one and tell me what’s missing – what is it that the new one needs to do?

Because I’m asking for feedback, you can get the whole thing, usually £97 for 6 modules, tons of videos, techniques and PDF downloads for only £50. Click here if you’d like to take advantage of this offer! The feedback can be as short or long as you like 🙂
Feel free to send this to anyone else you think needs a boost to their wellbeing, confidence and resilience.


A longer message than usual with so much to tell you about!
Hope it was useful.
Have a fabulous week, taking care of your very precious self!

Lots of love,
Pam x

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