Let me tell you why I love you


Let me tell you why I love you


I love you

On first reading you might wonder how I can possibly write that, bearing in mind this message goes out to one and a half thousand other people as well as you and then it sits on my website for anyone else to read too. Can I possibly love everyone?


Yes, because you’re lovable

You are lovable. And when we think we’re at our most unlovable, that’s when we need love the most. Because that’s what brings us back to a better place so that we can return to calm and start again.


How do I know you’re lovable?

Because it’s true for all of us. The trouble is, it gets lost in all the criticism, busyness, fear, loss, competition, judgement…I could go on. There are so many ways we can lose sight of love. Love for others, love for our home, love for the planet, love for our work, love for ourselves, can all get eclipsed by daily chaos.


It’s a scary place to be

Anywhere is a scary place to be if we’ve lost sight of love. I wrote that carefully because you’re never without love entirely, but you might lose SIGHT of it. If you think of the most awful situation in which you could find yourself, in that moment right there you can decide to feel love. Love for past memories, love for people in your life and those that have passed, love for trees, flowers, birds, animals, pets, music, art, peacefulness on a warm sunny day…you can easily think of things you love. You could even think of chocolate, champagne or a fine cheese. All of these things can bring up good feelings, just by coming to mind.


Can you decide to choose love?

It’s easy to lose sight of love when we’re focused on the chaos around us but go sit inside, inside yourself I mean, there are good things there. Decide to focus in on the love. And when you make a practice of sitting inside and choosing to look for the love, you’ll begin to find in time that you don’t even need to look for it or to name a person or a thing, that you realise that actually, you ARE love. Right at the core of you, that quiet stillness, that calm knowing that you can access when you quieten your monkey mind, that is love. It’s the energy within all of us and when you become conscious of it and tap into it more often, you can find a peacefulness that no amount of world or personal events can spoil that quiet place inside.


So, where was I?

So, where was I?

Ah yes, “I love you”.

Truly, madly, deeply.

Whether I know you well, a little or not at all, I love you.

Because I know you are lovable.

Because that is true for all of us.

Because we are all love at the core.

And when we choose to focus on love, everything else gets easier and we can see the way forward even in the toughest situations. In fact, it’s in the toughest situations that love helps most, because then we drop all the arguments and remember what really matters is compassion. And there’s nothing, no one thing or situation, that doesn’t benefit from a little extra compassion. I’ve been practising this for a couple of weeks, just asking myself each day “How can I do this with a little more compassion” and it’s interesting to experience how much easier things seem.


The New Plan

My New Plan is unfolding more easily because of the love; I’ve been ‘sitting quietly inside’ and asking myself what’s the best way for me to serve in the world. What emerged was 5 principles based on the best of three decades of working with people. I’m going to share those 5 principles in a workshop on July 15th to a small group of ‘Pioneers’ (sounds better than guinea pigs!) and from that point I’ll be publishing the book, hosting a luxury retreat where you experience the 5 Principles at a deeper level and eventually inviting other people to help me deliver more workshops and become People Booster Practitioners.

Normally in this situation I’d be saying how excited I am but this feels deeper than that, what I feel mostly is love, the very thing I most want to share and help other people feel more of. Love for each other, our selves and for the lives we can design for ourselves. I can’t wait to get started, it so feels like the right thing at the right time. If you’d like to know more about it and get all the details, it’ll be on the Home Page of the website later this week and if you’d like to be a Pioneer or just know more about The New Plan as soon as I do, drop me an email here: pam@pamburrows.com


More love

If you would like to experience some sneaky feel good snippets for free, I’ll be doing a week (June 12th to 16th) of Facebook Live broadcasts on my People Booster Facebook page at 8am for about ten minutes every morning this week to ‘Start Your Day Bright here’s the link. If you ‘like’ and subscribe to the page you’ll get a nudge when I go live.


In the meantime, I love you!

Pam x

15 responses to “Let me tell you why I love you”

  1. Vivien thompson says:

    We love care is a better place

  2. Caroline says:

    I love you too Pam ????
    Sorry I’m away on the 15 th but I hope it goes well, I think accepting that we are love is where it’s all really at. So if you can help nudge us in that direction , that would be great!!!

  3. Love you too 🙂 xx

  4. Steve says:

    I love you too xx

  5. julie chambers says:

    Hi Pam thanks for another fab article – I would love to be a Pioneer. Love the sound of your plans. Bye for now xx

  6. Wendy Haywood says:

    Thank you Pam. Really needed this. Deep breaths & ready to carry on!!!!!

  7. Sue says:

    Love you and love what you are doing for so many people

  8. Bally says:

    Thanks Pam.I really enjoyed this morning’s breathing session on a lovely summer’s morning!❤