Just a quickie


Just a quickie this month - in length and in the message...


Because changing habits to increase your well being has to be simple, easy and nice to do!

How you start your day

I could tell you all about the research that shows how you begin your day becomes the mood for the rest of it and that starting it in a bad mood is likely to just make it worse.

I could tell you how starting your day with yoga and meditation between 4 on 6am is a really good idea. That's not likely - on its own - to motivate you to do it.

But a simple habit can change your outlook on the whole day.

Right from the off...

Here's a simple tip I've been experimenting with for a few weeks and I'm really finding it helpful...

You know that in-between-time when you're not quite asleep and not quite awake? Your day hasn't started yet but maybe your brain is already off and running?

If you had someone lovely to start your day off right, what would you like them to say to you? Here's some ideas:

Good morning gorgeous

All is well

What a great day!

Today is fabulous

Good, good, good, good, good

Strong, strong, strong, strong, strong

Choose a word or phrase that would set your day up right.

Ok, so here's the trick - as soon as you sense your brain is starting up, before you’re even properly awake, repeat your phrase or word over and over in your mind as many times as you like. That's all. Then continue as usual and notice how you feel and how your day goes.

You're setting your day up in the way you'd choose rather than letting random busy thoughts run (and ruin) your day.

You're in charge.

Choose your thoughts.

It really is the easiest way I've found to start your day with a smile, or at least without the dread.

I then go on to have some time with nature with the trees and birds in the garden, then yoga and meditation followed by a healthy breakfast...but let’s not run too fast - start off with the easy bit and see how you go 🙂

That's it - give it a go, I'd love to hear how you get on.

With much love til next time,

Pam xx

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