It’s been a funny week


With a death, a triumph and a whole lot of dieting, all in all, it’s been a funny week. Most of all, it’s taught me something really important…

Cleopatra Queen of Egypt

Last week it was finally time to say goodbye (au revoir) to the adorable, bossy, feisty, trooper of a black cat I first adopted 19 years ago. My Cleo has been through countless traumas, health problems and some scary scrapes, not to mention being at my side through those 19 years of my life’s crazy ups and downs. She had arthritis, thyroid problems, dementia, deafness and some problematic dreadlocks. But she carried on like nothing was wrong; still feisty, opinionated and, when circumstances required it, utterly faithful and consoling. She seemed to have a mouth problem and the vet found an infection or tumour so severe that she had a large piece of jaw bone missing. Even the vet hadn’t spotted it, Cleo had just been carrying on, being the Queen. She was nearly 21, 96 in human years. And I loved her deeply for every moment of those years.

She came to teach

There was something about that shiny black coat, the poise of her chin and the way she looked me straight in the eye that had always felt like she was here for a reason and she knew what it was.
I sat down to ponder what she’d taught me and I wanted to share just some of those things with you, so that you too, could benefit from her beautiful spirit.

Cleo’s Code

  • Sit where you like, especially if it’s a seat reserved for ‘more important folks’. We all deserve a nice seat.
  • You don’t have to be nice to people who are not being nice to you. You need to let them know it’s not ok.
  • Insist on fresh water, (not yesterdays) and don’t eat the cheap food (unless it’s good for you, like peas.)
  • Be a loyal, warm friend to those you love and trust. Let them know you love them (you might choose an alternative to purring, but hey, give it a go!)
  • Even if you only have one tooth left, you can still show them who’s boss.
  • No matter what size you are, you can always walk like a panther. And take no sh**.

The rest of a funny week

The triumph and a whole lot of dieting…

People who make a difference

On Thursday I’d been invited to speak at the conference of South Yorkshire School Business Leaders and by ‘eck, they were a fabulous bunch!
They embraced my wellbeing model ‘C.A.R.E.’ with humour and style and were quickly making pledges to use the principles even before they got back to work. I’m looking forward to hearing the positive thinking and wellbeing impact they’ll be making in their schools and academies.
I had such a gorgeous day with them, I truly felt we created something magical.
Even after nearly 30 years of my work, I always get a boost too, when I see people grasp the ideas and techniques,  reigniting their energy and internal shine.
And the table at the back, really made my heart fill up a little bit more (you know who you are).

Is there a team you know of that needs a day or part day of boosting near you? Give me a shout, we’re ready to make more magic happen!

Practising what I preach

I mentioned last week that I was going to practice a bit more of what I preach, using feel good techniques to unwind instead of wasted hours of social media surfing, junk food and wine. Well, you must have sent me some positive vibes because I’ve had a whole week of …

  • no social media on my phone or tablet (just on my laptop for work time)
  • good healthy eating that I’m really enjoying (I recommend the Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Mosley)
  • menopause weight finally coming off
  • 20 mins of yoga every morning without fail (!)

I thought I’d give you an update to keep me going and maybe to support your health journey too. I’m so pleased!


All of this has been the perfect preparation for the thing that’s happening next – THE BOOK!
A few weeks ago I had a day in London with a fabulous book coach and this time it’s for real.
With a good diet and morning yoga, I find I’ve got a clear head, more energy and creativity to get some serious (and fun) work done on The Book of CARE (working title).
This is going to be a book to inspire, support and encourage you to properly care for your mental, emotional and physical health.
If you…

  • do lots for others and not for yourself
  • if you seem to be chasing your tail and don’t have enough time to breathe
  • if you really want to find a way to feel like you’re actually living the life YOU choose, the way that makes you happy and content,

if you answered yes to any of those, you’re going to love this book.There’ll be stories and case studies, tips and techniques that give you a super boost.
It’ll be a little while in the making but I’ll keep you posted on that too.

A Super Boost for you

At the end of workshops and on social media, people ask me for more boosting to keep the good feelings going. And I do love to help, so in the next few weeks I’ll be doing some more Facebook Live videos to set your day up right. You’ll also be able to ‘watch again’ if you miss any. If you haven’t already subscribed to my facebook page, you can do that here and you’ll know when it’s all happening.

So, yes, it’s been quite a week.

Whatever gains, losses, challenges or treats you’re experiencing right now, I hope you take a little extra time to CARE for yourself and give others a nudge to do that too.
Whether you’re doing fine or starting a new plan for health and contentment, I wish you well.

And even when things are hard to bear and loved ones are ill or leave for good, we can work through it together. We all deserve to have a good life and be happy.

Big love,
Pam x

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