The most important moment of your life


This weekend I’ve been privileged to enjoy four days of camping, bonfires, friendship, moonlit dancing and a feeling a freedom, seldom experienced in the city.

I’m writing this only 25 minutes away from home and yet, in this peaceful field with this beautiful sky above me, I feel like I’m on another planet.

Being here has made me remember one of the most important things to know about life.

The moment I remembered an important lesson

On the first day of this mini-break, I was hanging out around the bonfire, eating and dancing with the group. I turned to tell a couple of friends that I was heading back to my tent for something and that I’d be back. They both responded with surprised looks and, in that moment, I realised that for the whole weekend, I wasn’t accountable to anyone – no need to explain my every move.

As with most ‘growth’ moments, I felt liberated and yet a little uncomfortable. Even with such a small reaction, I realised such a lot – our daily lives are governed by so many rules.

Here, I didn’t have to stay up later than I wanted to because something needed to be finished; I didn’t have to stay and chat if I just wanted to wander on my own. Neither did I have to sit in my tent lamenting a lack of company when I could just get out there and chat. How very simple and how very complex in the same moment.

It’s OK to do what you want

3 days in and I’ve noticed something really weird; when you start doing what feels right in the moment, everything else seems to fall into place.

When I decided to spend some time in my tent alone, I had just got in it before the heavens opened. See, I did the right thing and it was also the thing that I wanted to do most! Normally, I would have stayed out even though I was weary – and I’d have got soaked on the way back.

Yeah, OK, coincidences happen. But I’m taking it as a sign anyway – just to remind myself that it’s OK to follow your feelings, to listen to what you need and to notice when your habits get in the way of that.

Life lesson: the most important moment in your life is now

This moment you’re in right now is the most important time in your life. The only tense you should live in is the present. The minute, or rather the moment, that is now. Learn how to live in the moment.

Have fun this week noticing what your habits might steer you to do – it’s up to you whether you want to break those habits to benefit yourself when you’re living in the moment.

Listen to what your intuition, body, heart or spirit is telling you you need.

I’m sending you the brightness of this big sky, bird song and a bucket of fresh air to see you through the week.

With much love,
Pam x

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