Let’s investigate the power of repetition. There’s one small twist…

C is for Compassion

“If I’ve told you once…”

Did you hear this phrase as a child? It was probably referring to some rule or other that you were supposed to obey.
How many things are repeated by others and by you, every single day? And how many of those are positive? Sometimes we get into the habit of repeating negative messages from the past, and it’s really not good for your health.

WTF? What’s the focus?

The BIG question is; What’s The Focus of these repeated messages? Positive or negative, helpful or unhelpful?
Research into things like affirmations (saying positive things to yourself) and visualisations (picturing good things happening) unsurprisingly found that these things will change your body/brain chemicals and make you feel better BUT they only change your perspective long term if you repeat, repeat, repeat.

What’s the best one for you?

People who visualised improvements to their immune system on a regular daily basis, with full concentration, were shown to heal faster than people who just rested quietly for the same amount of time. People who repeated encouraging words on a regular basis experienced a shift in their confidence levels. What would you like to feel better about? It might be a physical or emotional pain, a confidence issue, relationship unrest or you might want to develop a general sense of feeling ok in the world.

Choosing for yourself

So, what word, phrase or visual would really help you to focus on feeling better each day?
The easiest way to find the right one for you is to start with the problem and then find a way to focus on the other side of that coin. What is it that you want to feel less often?

Possible problems/issues you might be having

Something else?

Recognise issue you’re having that you don’t want and then find the opposite. Use the internet if you like, to find the antonym to the word that describes your issue.

Here’s an example of opposites for each of the words above:
Anxiety – Calm
Worry – Restful
Jealousy – Satisfied
Anger – Contented
Fear – Safe
Guilt – Kind
Illness – Health
Pain – Comfortable
Weakness – Strong
Self-doubt – Confidence
Self-criticism – Self acceptance

How to choose your opposite

You might notice that some of these aren’t quite the grammatical opposite and that’s because it needs to have meaning in the right context for you. It’s important that you choose the words that resonate with you and bring you the feelings you want to have.
For instance, if your problem feeling is anxiety, you might feel ‘calm’ is the preferred feeling but in certain situations, like an interview, you might want to feel more confident. You choose.

Plan your plan

Then plan when and how you’re going to keep focusing on the feeling you’d rather have, figure out what works best for you. There are some suggestions below. Don’t start beating yourself up thinking you never stick at things. Find a way to make it stick for as long as you can manage and then, well, realise everything changes in time and it’s ok to let one technique fade away and find another way to feel better. First, let’s give it a good go…

Ways to make the change happen

You might find you keep the habit up if you:

  • Write your positive word/s on post-its and put them in various places around your house, car, workplace so you get reminded regularly. Change the post-it colours or places, this keeps them fresh – you know that we don’t see things after they’ve been around for a while!
  • Put a reminder in your phone.
  • Have it as a screen saver.
  • Set yourself 5 minutes to repeat your word/s at a certain point of every day (yes only 5! – you can do this!) Maybe just as you’re waking up, or going to sleep – or both!

Or decide what you’ll be doing when you do your repetition. For instance:

  • Every time you get in the car, as you’re setting off
  • Every time you eat something or have a cuppa
  • Every time you meet a red traffic light
  • Every time you end a phone call
  • Just before you go to sleep

Pick one time or activity when you’ll just get into the habit of using your new, refreshing, empowering phrase or vision and watch what happens.

I’d love you to experiment for one week. Just 5 minutes every day for seven days and see what you notice about the way your day unfolds.
Feel free to tweak or completely change your focus to some other positive thing if you figure out something that will resonate more powerfully for you. Just make sure you repeat, repeat, repeat.
And enjoy the process!

Big love to you this week, I’ll send you positive vibes whatever you’re doing!
Pam x

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