“I just can’t switch my brain off!”


Ever happened to you? You’re so busy that when you do finally get a chance to rest, you just can’t seem to unwind?
Read on McDuff!

It’s a good sign

Not being able to switch off your busy mind might not be a pleasant experience, but it shows us two important things about you:
Your brain works!
You get fully focused and committed to a task.

Now the bad news

While you’re switched on, your body provides you with the adrenaline you need to keep going. It even acts as a painkiller, so you can go beyond usual limits in order to achieve something special. That’s great if you really are doing something special – and unusual. If it’s every day, every week, every month, it becomes unhealthy and unsustainable. You are basically missing out on the things your body and mind need to recharge and keep it all going. What are they?

Park it!

Just like a car in a garage has a chance to cool down, get some oil, save it’s tyre rubber etc, humans need some rest and some maintenance. While you have adrenaline and the other ‘stress’ hormone, cortisol rushing around your body, the body doesn’t get to do any maintenance. After all, your mind and body are in ‘IMPORTANT AND URGENT!!’ mode. Not a time for swapping the head gasket and yet that might be exactly what you need. Having the ability to fully switch off is essential for the body to do some healing, processing toxins, rebuilding your immune system and other essential functions.

Stopping and Starting

The other problem is that if your busy schedule continues, you’re reluctant to slow down because, just when you’re nicely switched off, you have to generate enough energy to get ‘into the groove’ again. Sound familiar?

You have a choice

The most important thing to realise is that you do have a choice. Even if it doesn’t seem so on the face of it. Here are a few things you could considerchoosing:

  • Take a break where you can, even if it’s only for a short time
  • Make some gaps in your schedule, even if it’s not until a few days or weeks time
  • Get some help, delegate, pass something back, prioritise
  • Stop thinking you can pull out all the stops all the time
  • Do something completely different for an hour or so every few days – it uses  different part of the brain and is helpful if you find it hard to simply do nothing
  • Make sure you are fuelling yourself nutritiously and keeping hydrated; your cooking up a real disaster if you’re also running on sugar, caffeine or junk food to keep going
  • Realise what you’re actually achieving each day, this might help you stop focusing only on what still needs to be done – there’ll always be more to do!

I hope that’s got you thinking. Look after your body and mind, you’ve only got them one time around.

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