How do you like your eggs in the morning?


Your morning can boost or break a good day. Here are some cracking tips to ensure you start well and realise just how much impact those first few moments of your day can have on the rest of it!

Why the start of your day matters

Have you noticed that even on a day full of lovely things, if things go wrong first thing, it can really rain on your parade?
Setting your day up right, can mean that even if something unexpected happens, or someone tries to wee on your strawberries, you can carry on smiling and let the OPN (Other People’s Nonsense) slide like water off a ducks back and carry on having a lovely day.

How to do it

It’s all about setting an unshakeable foundation. Like a building needs it’s footings, a cake needs a cake-stand, you need to set your day up first. YOU decide how you’re going to feel today, not whoever or whatever comes along.
You can start your day like a new born foal, all wobbly and hopeful but if someone or something tricky comes along, you’re flat out before you’ve got started!

Start Your Day Bright

Bringing together some of my favourite messages, here’s a strategy to really give yourself a head start. Useful to set you up for a day you’re dreading and/or useful for keeping a good day on track…

Notice what you have a habit of thinking in that first semi-conscious moment before you’re properly awake. Are you already cross with yourself for what you did or didn’t do yesterday? Beating yourself up for drinking or eating the wrong thing? Worrying about what’s coming up today?

Smile. You don’t have to have anything to smile about. In fact that’s the very time to smile. Smiling sets off feel good chemicals in your body, even if it’s a fake smile.

Create space in this first moment. Even if (especially if) you have a busy day coming up, enjoying these first few moments of nothing to do will help your day to feel less pressured.

Take a few moments to just breathe gently, a little longer and deeper than you normally would. If you’re in danger of relaxing back into sleep and being late, do this with your eyes open and…

Picture this
Picture what good things might happen in your day. Smiley people, a relaxed evening, something getting finished, you feeling satisfied. Whatever you might imagine, make it positive. Especially if you’re going to be meeting someone a bit tricky to deal with. Breathe and picture being calm and it going better than usual. Even if it ends up still tricky, you’ve won the day by having some peaceful time before it happened!

Be gentle
When you wash, brush your teeth, get dressed, do it as if you’re dressing a sweet child that you love. Dry in between your toes and comb your hair carefully. Be nice. Just be nice. (You know, like you would to someone else!). Yes it might take a little longer, but wow, it’s worth it if your whole day starts from this kind and peaceful place.

Start your day with these little things and notice what happens.

Need some help?

There are days when it’s really hard to do any of the above. We all need a little help sometimes. So feel free to start your day with a video of me helping you with those positive thoughts!
I had said I was going to do some facebook live morning videos, so sorry that work got rather more busy than expected (good in other ways!) but hopefully these pre-recorded ones will still be helpful to you.

Here’s the link you need CLICK HERE 
7 videos, one video per day to start your day bright for a week.
(and an extra bonus one below 🙂
Or have a binge and watch them all, feel good all day!

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