He got his jumper got stuck on my roses!


How busy are you and what’s taking priority? And what about those roses?

E is for Energy

Eat, drink, rest, enjoy!


Oops, sorry!

I was just arriving home and I saw a chap walking past my house who got his jumper sleeve caught in the roses that were hanging over the wall and quite a way into the pavement space. I was worried he’d be cross. He walked on seemingly unbothered so all is well!

My point is the roses

It had just rained heavily which is why the roses had bent over so far with the weight of the water. My first thought was that I needed to prune them back.
What I realised though, was that I could heave the branches back over my side of the wall and keep all the blooms, no chopping required. The photo above is that very rose bush although the photo doesn’t do it justice. For some reason this year, there are more blooms than ever, and all at the same time – it’s such a sight to behold.


What has happened as a result, is that each time I come home, I now get a full-on blast of rose scent and such a joyful eye full of so many flowers on my way to the front door.
It’s giving me so much joy every day because, guess what I’m now doing?

Stop to smell the roses

I’m stopping to smell the roses!
It’s such an old cliche but it’s spot on for me this week and they smell divine.

What are your roses?

What’s the equivalent for you? Something you see, hear or feel every day but don’t pull into plain sight and fully appreciate the joy of?
Let’s make a pact to notice the good stuff and allow it to lift our spirits. You could even mention what you notice and appreciate to other people and encourage them to share the joy too. Start a ripple 🙂

Last week

It was Mental Health Awareness Week and I was a busy bee!
I ran wellbeing workshops in Leicester, Nottingham and London for administrators, lawyers and youth coaches. It was a great week and finished off with MCing and my friend Lisa’s wedding. I hope you’re looking after your mental health AND your physical health because, of course, it’s all connected.

Take some time to smell the roses, yes, you, you know who you are 😉

Big Love, til next week,
Pam x

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