What would you give for a calm Christmas?


What would you give for a calm Christmas?


What’s the worst Christmas stress for you? The expense? The weight gain? The shopping? What to buy for Auntie Janet? The cooking? Hanging out with people driving you crazy? Spending too much, spending too little? Brussels sprouts?  Or all of the above?

If you don’t do Christmas, I wish you plenty of calm while every one else goes crazy around you. But if you’re going to be in the midst of it, read on…

Crisis Points!

I’m going to keep this short so you can absorb these simple yet powerful tips!

Heck, you can even print them off and stick them on your fridge to remind yourself over the run up to Christmas!


HELP! I spend too much!  

Set a budget and stick to it.


HELP! I wander around town in desperation and buy all kinds of extra nonsense!

Figure out what to buy for people before you head out of the house. Eat before you set off, keep hydrated and take short breaks.


HELP! I panic about how much there is to do!

Make a deal with good friends and grown up relatives not to buy for each other or set a small token limit. Check whether you really have to do everything you’ve set yourself.


HELP! My mother/father/brother/sister/in-law/out-law drives me crazy!

Breathe and let go of the frustrations of the past, keep smiling and don’t try to change anyone, meet them where they’re at. And get some time sitting in a dark corner of the pantry every few hours!


HELP! There’s just too much to do!

Delegate and stop trying to be perfect Do less, it will mean more.


HELP! I hate Brussels!

Don’t eat them. Seriously, you don’t have to eat anything you don’t want to.


HELP! I don’t want to put on weight or eat badly!

If you have a mince pie, enjoy it. If you don’t want to join in with food or drink that everyone else is having…don’t! Other people might encourage you to eat or drink something ‘to be sociable’, you still get to choose not to. Your body, your choice.


HELP! It’s all too much!

BREATHE…BREATHE and breathe again. We underestimate how badly (short, shallow and panicky) we breathe once we start worrying, stressing or getting busy. A few good (longer, slower, calmer) breaths can make more difference than you realise.


The simplest way to calm

Staying calm, no matter what crazy nonsense is going on around you, is surely one of the most useful skills to have in life?

Changing the pattern of your breathing is the fastest way to bring yourself into a calmer state. Here’s a short video you can follow to take you from stressed to best in just a few moments…give yourself a treat: 7/11 stressed to best breathing technique 



At point of posting this there are 27 shopping days til Christmas. I wish you calm, balance and the ability to tune back in to what really matters. It’s not about the perfect present, it’s not about the best roast ever, it’s not even about the most fun party. What ‘it’ is about – whether we’re talking Christmas or life in general – is tuning in to each moment, knowing that you are already enough and that when we allow others to be who they are, it’s possible to find calm a little more often. (Even if that’s in the back of the pantry)


Be you. Have fun. What else is there?



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  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you, Pam.
    Your advice is always so relevant and so valuable.

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