Forgetting, getting it wrong and letting it go


Originally posted June 17th 2019

I opened the bonnet and something was missing!

E is for Energy

What’s affecting yours?


How many things are you focused on?

We all get distracted. The last time I put oil in my car, I was clearly distracted. How do I know? Because the next time I went to put oil in (which seemed a bit too soon for my liking) I discovered I hadn’t put the oil cap back on!  It was nowhere to be seen.



I was due to collect my mum and go visit my dad as I wouldn’t be around for fathers day. I was focused on seeing my dad. That might be why I made my next choice.

With mum in the car I popped to her village car spare shop (wired for a tiny village I know!) but they didn’t have an oil cap to fit and said I’d need to go the dealer. Hmmm. OR, he said, ‘Looms’.

Do you know Looms?

If you have any links with Derby you might know it. A place of my childhood!

It’s a car breakers yard.
Not somewhere you might think of making childhood memories, but when your dad is a garage-owning, car-racing, petrol-head, it’s where the adventures begin!
And where we used to get spares for our racing car (more on that another day).

Off we went

I asked mum if she minded stopping off at Looms, and off we went.

If you’ve never been to a breakers yard, there’s one important thing. You don’t go through a door to a counter and ask if they have an oil cap for your car. You wade through the oily puddles, get given a high viz waistcoat and the freedom to wander around a football pitch sized piece of land, full of car skeletons. And you find, or don’t find, what you’re looking for.

My dad

At the very last gasp I found the right make but a different model. The oil cap was there but tightly screwed on. I got wet. I got dirty. But I won. Off came the cap, I walked back to my car where my mum patiently sat, I tried the cap and it fit!

The guy charged me £1, but I felt like a million dollars.
I got back in the car to drive to the care home, where dad keeps on fighting the very last days (or perhaps weeks) of his Alzheimer’s.
I looked across at mum who was handing me wet wipes for my oily hands.
I said ‘Dad would be proud of me today.’

Forgetting, getting it wrong and letting it go

That there is the title for this little message.

Let’s rewrite it

  • Realising you have too much to do, which is why you’re forgetting something.
  • Getting something wrong but knowing you’re doing the best you can.
  • Letting it go, because, maybe sometimes, forgetting, getting it wrong and having to find a solution, will bring you an unexpected joy.

And that, my friend is the best E for energiser in the world.

Unusually for me, this week I wish you little problems.
Little problems that give you an opportunity to find a solution, and, in turn,  your own little unexpected joy.

Big love,
Pam x

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