Festive note to self – be careful!


6 responses to “Festive note to self – be careful!”

  1. oksana says:

    Thanks Pam.

    I just have lots of little yellow post its as I keep thinking of things I need to do.

    Have a good Christmas x

  2. Michelle barber says:

    Thanks Pam . Brilliant and helpful for feel good days. Merry Christmas Shelley x

  3. Caroline says:

    I like that list Pam 😊
    Thanks, and a very happy Christmas to you xxxxx

  4. Tina Pendleton says:

    Thanks Pam.
    Love the list, am planning plenty of “chill time” and long walks with the dog. Hope it snows!!!Have a great Christmas.

  5. Pam HUtley says:

    Another bloody list… (ok it is a good one.) Hugs and sparkles to Pam from Pam

  6. Margaret says:

    Thank you very much, Pam.
    I like the list.
    Have a wonderful Christmas xx

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