Energy in your team


Some days can be stressful, but the energy in your team can make it better – or worse.
Whether that’s your work team or your family!

E is for Energy


Who is in your team? 

By team, I’m talking about the people in your life that help you do what you do.
They might be a work team in the traditional sense, or they might not be in the same room or even in the same country! You might work on your own and some days you might only talk to the parcel delivery person. Maybe your team is your family, or your bunch of friends. Whoever you see as your team, my next question is…

Where’s the energy?

How does the energy flow in your team? Does it depend on who is in the room or is it more about what the day brings?

The UK Health and Safety Executive recognise 6 aspects of work that, when out of balance, are potential causes of stress, they’re called The Management Standards. These could seriously damage the energy in your team…

  • Demands (workload)
  • Control (lack of say over how your job is done)
  • Support (management, colleagues, resources)
  • Relationships (positivity, conflict, behaviour)
  • Role (understand it, no conflict with other roles)
  • Change (how it’s managed and communicated)

These are the aspects of a work team that leaders should be looking after.
The rest is about what each individual does each day to take responsibility for how the day goes.

(If you’d like to read more detail about the managing stress in organisations, have a look here: Health and Safety Executive Management Standards (Stress))

You decide

It’s great if you have people around you that inspire energy and optimism but what if they’re not around or they’re having a bad day?
You can decide how you bring your energy to the team and see what kind of ripple effect you can create.
Starting your day right with a positive way of thinking, keeping your energy balanced by focusing on what’s possible in your day and finishing off with an audit of what went well (WWW?) will mean that you are at least taking the best care of your own energy levels. Get your team to do that too, and you can really create a fabulous culture that generates new energy all the time,
That’s one of the things I love about what I do, when groups I work with take on the techniques, not just individually but as a whole team. That ripple is where the magic is!

Have a go

If you can get your whole team feeling more energised, that would be fabulous! If you just manage to do it yourself, that’s still marvellous. If you would like me to help you create an energised culture for the whole team, give me a shout. And if the organisation needs some help applying those HSE Standards, I’m your gal.
Below is a video explaining the end of the day audit. See what kind of ripple you can start by making it a habit and then sharing it with other people.

Have a great week,
Pam x

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