Do you want a trophy?


It’s not like you’re needy, or a show-off, but sometimes it might feel like some acknowledgement wouldn’t go amiss.
It doesn’t need to be a trophy…

A for Acknowledge



Of course it’s nice to get acknowledgement from other people. After all, no-one wants to feel that their hard work goes unappreciated.

But sometimes, other people think you already know you’re amazing and don’t bother to tell you. Or they’re too wrapped up in their own stuff to give you a pat on the back.

Audit time!

So how do you know if you’re doing ok?

You rifle through the photograph album of your mind, check this against your intentions and figure out if you lived up to your own expectations.
There’s a big BUT –
If you are focused on What Went Well, you’ll probably feel quite good.
BUT if you only look for what didn’t go right or didn’t get done, you’re likely to give yourself a mental telling off.
And that’s unlikely to make you feel good and it’s not likely to motivate you to try harder. A telling off just saps your energy.
And if you’re not getting good feedback from other people either, you could end up in a bit of a downward slump.

Why Wait for someone else?

Instead of waiting for someone to come along and lift your spirits with a morsel of good news, have a go at being ‘Internally Referenced’, it’s about developing the knack of doing your own audit but with a positive frame of mind. You don’t need to wait around for someone else to make you feel good!


Start Small

Let’s start small.

“Today I got out of bed!
I had a good breakfast and fed the cats!”

What have you achieved today so far? And I really mean it; Start SMALL. What are the little things you’ve managed so far today? You could even include any bad things you managed to avoid!
What about writing them down and checking your weekly achievements? Imagine what a month’s worth would look like!

The Science

There is a science behind all of this too; when you celebrate, even the little wins, you get a burst of feel good chemicals in the body. Serotonin our reward chemical gets involved and makes us feel good.

And guess what?
That’s the very chemical we go in search of when we feel down on ourselves and then crave sugar and junk. By creating that good feeling naturally, you might find it easier to eat well and stay energised, how magic is that!?

You Decide

You get to decide what goes on in your head. Don’t let it be all the bad news, focus on the things you’re getting done and in case it helps, this one’s for you, you’ve already earned it 😉


This week

Have yourself a little experiment; at the start, the middle or the end of your day, have a little chat with yourself about WWW – What Went Well?
You might be surprised how those little things stack up and how good they can make you feel.
In my eyes, you’re already a winner!

Lots of love,
Pam x

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