It’s a deal breaker! What’s yours?


What’s your deal-breaker?


There are some things I just have to say ‘no’ to. But that wasn’t always the case, with disastrous consequences!


Daytime, Evening, Weekends

Daytime, evenings, weekends. What do you notice about that list? Other than sleep time, it covers all the time there is. There was a time when I delivered talks and workshops in the daytime and would say ‘yes’ to coaching sessions in the evening and at weekends. People sounded desperate but worked in the daytime and could only come for coaching in the evening or weekend. So I would make an exception and book them in.

Only, once you’ve made an exception, it’s easy to do that again, and again, and again. And I did. Until I was burning the candle at both ends, working pretty much all the time. This was one of the times I experienced burnout. The trick is to learn from it, one of the things I talk about in my book Burnout BusterΒ (you’ve missed getting it for free but you can get it for only 99p!), is noticing the Little Red Flags that give you clues you’re getting close to burnout. And to notice what you need to do differently to avoid burning out again, so let’s have a look at what needs to change…


It’s non-negotiable

I put in place a ‘deal-breaker rule’. No evenings or weekends. Ever. Once it’s a rule, you get used to saying it, you feel increasingly confident in stating it and over time it just becomes normal. As non-negotiable as giving your most precious possession to a stranger. Which of course is exactly what you’re doing if you’re giving away your health.

What’s yours?

What’s the non-negotiable, deal-breaking rule that you have for your wellbeing?

Finishing work on time? Always having a good lunch? An evening walk? Time on your own? Always having a drink of water with you? Your exercise routine? No electronics in bed? Holidays?

Do you have any non-negotiable habits (what a mouthful, let’s call them NNHs) that serve your health? If the answer is no and your habit is to bend and change depending on what everyone else wants you to do, you could be risking your short term calm and your long term health.


New Ones!

I’d like to create a new NNH, maybe you do too? Medical researchers found that we’re more likely to form new healthy habits if we join with other people…so maybe we could help each other? Let me explain…

Up until a year or so ago, I used to do yoga and meditation every single morning without fail. It was utterly non-negotiable because it made me feel fabulous, I even did it on holiday, you can imagine chanting on a caravan site made the neighbours twitch their curtains!

Then I started to struggle with menopause symptoms and my energy levels and started lying in bed a little longer instead. The crazy thing is that if I spent even just 15 minutes every day, stretching, breathing and focusing, I know from experience that my energy levels will improve and my mind will be clearer.

So I have a plan. I want to start my morning ritual again and make it a habit. The plan is that I make it public, at least at first, by doing facebook live videos every morning starting this Tuesday 18th April 2017 until Friday 21st. I’ll do 10 minutes of ‘Start Your Day Bright’ with a thought for the day and a quick, easy breathing and/or stretch. I’ve done these before, lots of people enjoyed them and I loved doing them so it’s a win-win!

Here’s the interesting thing about that deal-breaker rule of no evenings or weekends. We sometimes worry about our rule not suiting other people, but here’s the thing – people find another way to see me in the daytime and it turns out ok in the end; they get coaching and I stay well! Be brave enough to stick to what’s right for you, maybe it’ll be ok after all.

You can see the Start Your Day Bright videos I did a few months ago here Pam Burrows People Booster facebook pageΒ and if you ‘like’ the page you’ll get a notification when I’m going live this time. I might do some more the following week once people are back to work after the Easter holiday πŸ™‚

And let me know what your new NNH is going to be so we can encourage each other to keep it going.

Look forward to making some magic happen!

Much love,

Pam x



4 responses to “It’s a deal breaker! What’s yours?”

  1. Debbie says:

    Can you you get on audible

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Pam – fabulous article, thanks.
    My new NNH is never drinking cola (diet or otherwise) and having chocolate and/or a glass of wine on a Friday and Saturday evening only as a treat. Oh – and being in bed before 11pm!