Crime and Punishment – New Year Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions

Crime and Punishment?


Have you set any New Year Resolutions, new goals or perhaps a bucket list?

Maybe you have set some and broken them already!

If you are intending to set yourself a target though, beware, not all resolutions are created equal!


Are you feeling guilty yet?


There’s a risk of ‘crime and punishment’, let me explain…

If you’ve over-indulged in the mince pies or the Baileys and want to get back to healthy eating, or you’ve been sitting around and feel unfit, or you smoke and want to give it up, it’s all too easy to feel bad. You feel as if you’ve committed some kind of minor crime and then head into the new year like you have a sentence hanging over you, a punishment for bad behaviour!

AND it’s not going to help you achieve your aim. To meet your goals you need to feel optimistic, energised and motivated. Blame, guilt and criticism do the opposite…

Firstly, those feelings set you up as a bad person and who ever felt energised by a telling off?

Secondly, if the new thing feels like a punishment it’s going to be really hard to keep going. Your goal takes on a ‘should do it’ quality rather than a ‘want to do it’ quality.

And finally – and the worst thing – is you don’t acknowledge that you’re capable of being in control, making a choice and that you’re capable of achieving great things.

Whether it’s a resolution,a new goal or a bucket list you need 3 key ingredients to succeed:


3 key strategies for success

  • Focus on WHY you want to do it, what life will be like and how you’ll feel
  • Remember times you’ve surprised yourself and gone beyond expectations – you can do it again
  • Make small and exciting steps towards a bigger goal, every big achievement happened one day at a time


Good luck and a Happy New Year to you my lovely star (Someone Truly Amazing…REALLY!)

I hope you continue to shine in 2017, take one step at a time…and most all, enjoy every moment along the way. Remember as a general rule, we do better when we work together 🙂


Much love

Pam x


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  1. Beryl Rimmer says:

    The mad pace of my life and managing an over-stuffed diary meant I didn’t get started on the course until yesterday – more stress!
    I now have sustained a severe back problem – no doubt from doing too much – and am scrolling through saved blogs and the first module. Your advice to smile, look at achievements – and take ‘small steps’ is most apposite.
    Struggling a bit with downloading all the info though. It’s one of life’s challenges!
    Thanks, Pam.

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