Celebrate Yourself!

(and can I have a nosey in your garden?)

For the last two weekends I’ve been nosing around other people’s gardens. No risk of arrest as they were open to the public for charity, (honest officer!). The last two gardens I visited were in a pretty Derbyshire village. One of them was manicured to within an inch of it’s life, a beautiful, colourful and elegant place to be. The other was a bit of a shock. I could see tatty, sunbleached plastic garden toys before I even got into the garden and the lawn grew long over bumpy ground. I’ll admit my first thought was “Oh no, did these people not realise you’re supposed to have a garden to be proud of to join in?!”

Look deeper

My curiosity was piqued and I wandered down the long, busy garden to the bottom where the owner was receiving grand praise from another visitor. I knew in an instant I’d missed something, so I hushed my thoughts and instead allowed myself to ‘just be’.

The chicken or the egg?

Now I noticed 3 friendly hens, chirruping gently towards me. I looked beyond to see an abundant vegetable patch that clearly fed the whole family. Solar panels filled the sunny roof and the owner stood with gardening fork in hand and wellies on, chatting about the flow of a natural garden. I smiled at her and at my own reactions and was grateful not to have missed the joy of this messy, beautiful place.

That garden’s you, that is

Those gardens are like us. Some prim and some messy, some organised and some flowing. And mostly, doing what is right for our own nature.
Only we sometimes try and force ourselves to be more like someone else or some idea of what we’re supposed to look like, act like, work like. And we overlook the fabulousness of our own nature.

You, in all your bloomin’ glory

Whether you’re a trim garden, a wild meadow or something in between, I’m inviting you to celebrate that, celebrate who you were created to be. No comparison or judgement required; you’re already an amazing celebration of life, just as you are, me little flowerpot.

The challenge…

So, for this week, let’s see how often you can spot your own natural self peeking out and celebrate your fabulous real self. Even if it doesn’t seem to fit with the image you want to portray, sometimes what we think of as unwanted weeds turn out to be rare and beautiful orchids.
And, by the way – in case you wondered – I realised afterwards, the garden that gave me the most smiles? It was the messy one.

Big flowery love to you til next time,
Pam x

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