In which the book is nearly published…

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In which the book is nearly published


I was about 7 or 8 years old when I wrote a story (about a banana who had adventures) and got a hankering to write a book. Reading was what I loved best and a job as a writer seemed like some kind of magical way of doing something I loved without feeling like it was work at all! That’s probably why, for the next 45 years I never quite let myself believe that could be an actual job I could do. Annie, my partner and I have a household catch phrase: “Is there a job of that?!” It came up tonight for instance whilst watching Countryfile on the TV, someone was watching red squirrels in Scottish forests. Having found great joy in filming the squirrels in our urban garden, Annie thought this sounded a fine occupation and piped up “Wow, is there a job of THAT?!”


A shock move!

Not to go too much off topic I must just explain that Annie is,  at this very moment, launching her own business making videos for businesses. She has spent a number of years (can’t bear to tell you how many!) doing work that paid the bills but didn’t make her soul sing. And now, here we are, this very week, seeing her do what she really wants to do.

And in the same week, I’ll be launching my first book, all about Burnout, albeit an ebook, and it’s feeling a little unreal! If you’re reading this as a subscriber to my Monday Motivational Message I’ll be sending you a private code so you can get a copy of the book for free. It’s because you, as an audience member, coaching client or blog reader that I’ve managed to finally write that book so it’s a little thank you in lieu of the massive thank you that you deserve.


What do you really want?

So, dear reader, what is it that you think of as out of your reach, an impossible dream, even something simple (I remember shedding an incredulous delighted tear in the Ikea kitchen department when the sales lady suggested I might allow myself to have the luxury of under cupboard lighting!)

What aspect of your life isn’t quite what you would choose and can you orchestrate what you’d rather have? Can you let yourself believe that you really can have something or do something you have wished for?

Sometimes we have thoughts of things we’d love to do or to experience and we don’t even realise it’s something we’re stopping ourselves, putting it off until it may be too late to make it happen.

What big or little thing might you do this week that you haven’t let yourself before?


What’s next?

It doesn’t have to be a job change or a major piece of work. It might just be allowing yourself to use the best china, wear your best pants, buy yourself flowers, compliment yourself on what you’ve done well, choosing the slightly more expensive sandwich for lunch. These are only examples to get you thinking, the real change is doing it, in your own real example. It might just spark a whole new realisation for you that actually, you are allowed to have the life (and lighting) you choose. Timing is everything; it’s never too late and I’m quite glad I didn’t publish the banana story.

When I finally press that button later this week to publish and then send you the code for my book, I hope you’ll know how much it means to me and I hope you enjoy the book.


And some magic!

Now, for over 10 years one thing my customers, friends and acquaintances have often asked me was whether I run courses to teach the NLP techniques I use. Finally, the answer is YES!

Having launched the Early Bird tickets last Friday, tickets are already flying out, it’s going to be excellent fun; a whole day teaching you the Jedi Mind Tricks I use to change hearts and minds in my coaching sessions, so that you can change your mind and also use the techniques with people you care about.

Have a fabulous week, let yourself choose what you want!

Much love

Pam x

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