In which the book is finished and life changes…


A book, a stranger and a surprise…


Wanting to be a writer at the age of 8 and then finally getting published at 51 isn’t such a long wait. Is it? Ok, it’s a bit longer than most authors maybe, but I got there in the end eh?!

The Book

Check out the picture above! I’m writing this whilst watching Soapbox racing (if you’ve never watched it, catch the Cork race, by far the funniest ever) and so many of the competitors say they’ve always wanted to build a soapbox racer and they’re delighted even when they run headlong into straw bales before they’ve even got to the first corner! Let’s crack and do more of the things we want to do in life!

So here I am being annoyingly smug that I got round to one of those things! Many people have sent congratulations about finally getting a book out there and it’s been quite a buzz with over 100 ebooks flying out in 3 days!!

A Stranger (Spoiler alert – more smugness)

On a rare evening out on Friday, I was approached by someone who said they knew me but who I didn’t recognise. Once you reach a certain age, things like not recognising people, not remembering the names of people you’ve known for years, oh and finding you’ve left your car keys in the fridge, become familiar events. I’ve found the best way now is just to confess, especially if you do it with heart (“I remember you’re fabulous but sorry I can’t remember your name” or just straight up “Oh how lovely to see you, I’m sorry, have we met before?”) which is something which I deployed on Friday.

I was bowled over by the response: “We haven’t met but I know you, I’ve watched so many of your videos and you’ve helped me through a really tough time” There’s an obvious intention when you put stuff out there on the internet; to help not just the people who already know you but some folks who don’t. But when you realise you’re actually achieving that, it makes me want to do more!

Now before this turns into a love-me-fest, let me make my point; it isn’t just about me, we all do this, all the time. Just by being you, you positively affect other people’s lives even when you don’t realise it’s happening. Doing what you do, whether it’s work, hobby or just politeness in a shop, you make an impact. There will be hundreds of smiles, reassurances and inspirations you have caused but you may never get to know about the impact you had on someone. Let’s take moment to feel the vibes of that…mmmmm, nice! And in case you don’t get positive feedback often enough, may I say in lieu of all those people you’ve had a positive affect on; Well done you and thank you.

And a Surprise

I have to share something that surprised me about this whole book thing. I thought I’d feel excited and pleased and indeed I have. The thing that surprised me was a sense of how ordinary it now feels to finally achieve something I’d dreamt of for so long. The surprise was a sense of “Oh is that it? I can do that again!” It’s life changing when you try something and realise it really is possible. So watch out, there could be a lot of Pocket Rocket Books to come!

Get your free book by clicking here but only til Tuesday April 11th when it goes up to the princely sum of 99p! Amazon only let you put up a book for free for 5 days in every 90 days. Would you drop me a review on Amazon too? Once the book has 50 reviews it gets listed in the hot 100, you’ll be helping me spread the word and prevent and heal burnout worldwide! (I like to think big lol)

One last treat!

And one more thing you might like, work with me, live for a whole day in Nottingham on May 27th 2017 when you can learn some of the tricks and techniques I use to change hearts and minds in coaching sessions. Have a look here to see if NLP Secrets would be useful in your life and work.


Have a great week being accidentally inspirational my precious friend,

Much love,

Pam x



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